Past Life

by admin on April 5, 2005

Past Life

Past Life

The Significance of Discovering Your Past Life

Ever had the feeling that you have lived life as someone else in the past? Ever had flashes of memory that feel like your own but you cannot remember having experienced them? You might be experiencing the symptoms of a past life that wants to be rediscovered, and you can discover the details of your past life using two techniques.

A past life reading is done by a person gifted with the ability to see into your past life, who then relays the information to you. Individuals who have this gift are usually psychics—mediums and clairvoyants trained to make past-life readings. These are people who are making helping other people discover unknown facets of themselves their life’s work. Past-life regression, on the other hand, requires the use of hypnosis to guide the individual back into seeing his or her past life in order to gain insights from it.

The importance of discovering your past life

For some people, learning about their past lives can lead to drastic changes in their future. Most readings done by past life psychics typically include descriptions and analyses of the individual’s character traits, strengths, and weaknesses, all which may be strongly linked to that person’s past lives.

How you can discover your past life

You can discover your past life through a simple past life reading or a past-life regression session with the help of a past-life psychic or a past-life therapist. Hypnosis can enhance cellular memory, helping you remember your past life more efficiently and give a more powerful feeling of ‘being there.’ It's commonly seen that most clients will initially find it difficult to trust themselves to let go, but this ability can be developed the more instances that past life hypnosis is done.

The next step in discovering your past life is accepting the significance of the information you have gathered on your current life. Gaining a greater awareness and understanding of the events that happened in your past life, replacing negative emotions with positive ones, and expressing the emotions felt during the regression are some of the most important things you can do to benefit from hypnosis and past life regression.

Difference between past-life reading and past-life regression

The main difference between past-life reading and past-life regression is that the latter requires a regression of the client to a previous lifetime using guide meditation or hypnotherapy. In past-life regression, the role of the therapist is solely to guide the client through hypnosis, and no mediation between the client and information about his or her past life, as is seen in past life reading, is done. Also, the quality of past-life reading depends on the reader’s gift. Most readers are adept at grasping the emotions that accompany the visions that they perceive, and these usually hold more significance because emotions are the ones most easily carried from one lifetime to the next.

Past-life readings do not make use of hypnosis, but instead rely on a variety of ancient techniques such as the use of astrology charts, numerology, and name readings. Tarot cards are yet another popular tool used in reading past lives.

About the Author

Giovanni Paolo Migliore is a long-time expert on past-life readings and past life regression. He currently writes articles focusing on past-life readings for print and web-based media.

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How can I preform past life regression on myself?

I have been really reading into past life regression due to my random fear of big crowds. I started getting really horrible panic attacks last year and my friend told me to look into past life regression. Is there a way I can preform it on myself? Does anyone know of any tricks, so to speak?

I had this website under my favorites and this may be perfect for you since you're interested in past life regression. I have not tried this myself, but I'm very interested in my past lifes and past life healing. Good luck.

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