Pendant Goth

by admin on September 30, 2007

Pendant Goth

Pendant Goth

Jewelries for Men That Defines Power & Beauty

Man has always been fantasizing about glitter and gold since the dawn of time and he uses all the elements of the earth to satisfy his greed and lust and pride for materialistic things. Men, by nature, is a greedy one and does it with pride and in the realms of the doom-and-gloom pits of his unsatisfied mind, man has come up with a way to quench his thirst for glitter and gold- men jewelry items.

As far as anyone can remember, jewelries have been so much a part of man's life.  In one way or another, rich or poor, the elite and the weary, they have their own jewelry items that are precious to them and don't tell anyone that a beggar can't have his own set of glitter.  It's the imagination and the creativity that counts.

During the past decades, when somebody mentions the term "jewelry", the things that will came into his mind are those that glitter with silver, precious stones that seem to have been buried among standard earring, bracelets and cufflinks or whatever he may have.

But the creativity of man today has gone beyond the usual jewelries that you might have seen. Now, there are jewelries that really speaks out the personality of an individual. Unusual items that can even speak the darkest of the minds and the hallowed depths of the soul, so to speak.

The usual jewelry items that you can see today are not the conventional type- double-headed eagle rings, Shield rings, a Hematite King Ring, domed 3D Cross ring, Celtic Cross bracelets, headless cross cufflinks, an earring with dangling pendants that look like huge crosses that seem to appear like they are plucked out right from the mountaintops of Golgotha or the deepest abyss of the North Seas, Viking and Goth-inspired jewelries items that makes the Dark Ages travel forward in time right in the heart of the New Millennium.

Bracelets and necklaces with unusual designs like a Cross-engraved Filigree bracelet, Blak Prince Heraldry Link Bracelet and so much more and even cuffs are not spared by the awesome dark beauty of these unusual jewelries from Battle Wrist Cuffs to Roman soldier-style warrior's cuff. Or what will be your impression if you saw someone with an Ornate Deified Lion Pendant hanging around his neck? So much power can be seen in that man.

And you will surely go crazy and wild with different types of different necklaces which include Cross Rosary in Black Onyx or a dimensional cross with garnet stone. They look so sinister and yet so appealing and so dark and beautiful. Even dog tags right now have found a place in every man's "heart" and when you see somebody wearing an Eagle "Battle Shield" Dog tag, for example, or a Lion "Battle Shield" dog tag, you will surely say that that man means business.

If you like men jewelry items that are unique and stand out in the crowd, these are some of the things you should look out for. You will surely be easily recognized and you will be in the league with men who has power and presence.

About the Author

Blak Prince caters specifically to men. Inspired by the founders’ family heritage and personal travels across regions of Europe. Blak Prince takes root in ancient European and Byzantine culture, architecture, clothing, and Men Jewelry. Based upon the lifestyle and splendor that shaped men poised as history’s most powerful rulers, Blak Prince is dedicated to the young and powerful man forging his own destiny

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Where can I find a nice choker?

Where can I find nice chokers? I want a choker that doesn't look cheap. I want goth/punk style choker or just simple style. Do swarovski have chokers? Lace, cross pendant, spikes, chains, beads, etc anythings fine. I don't want cheap plastic ones though. Something that won't break or look cheap.
Oh, it's not for costume play and I'm just going to wear it.

Hot Topic or search Google for online shops.

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