Pendant Reiki

by admin on July 8, 2008

Pendant Reiki

Pendant Reiki

New Age Jewellery Reflects the New Age Trends and Beliefs

New age jewellery is a new concept and our ancestors were unaware about its existence. It is the jewellery of modern age. New age jewels are aimed at improving human life by reducing stress levels and by purifying the body and mind's energy systems. In new age jewels different crystals and gemstones are used that provides us with certain benefits and powers. It is said that new age articles can enhance an individual's personality and increase his or her understanding and can also promote beauty. This jewellery is based on metaphysical or interesting new age ideas.

New age articles contain healing gemstones like lapis lazuli stone and amethyst. Lapis lazuli is supposed to be a good stone for anybody especially people with written or verbal communication jobs. The amethyst jewelry is believed to make the wearer more temperate and agreeable. Other beads are known to bring prosperity and wealth.

Turquoise men's jewellery is believed to bring wealth and protection to them. Turquoise is also a shaman's stone. This gemstone is appropriate for self-made men who love to take risks like entrepreneurs and business men. It can be a very special gift for such men on birthdays or anniversaries. In old times wives used to wear turquoise jewels and it was believed by them that if a turquoise stone changes its color it is a warning that they will die soon. Today the wearing of men's turquoise jewelry has obtained more meanings and they are considered to be protective for the wearer. Such protections include preventing individuals from toppling off of their horses and protecting against flying accidents. Turquoise jewellery is therefore good for pilots and people who like to travel a lot.

The aesthetic properties of crystals have made them suitable to be used in jewellery making. Crystals and other gems have been desired for their alleged magical healing and mystical paranormal powers. This belief continues today and therefore crystal is widely used in jewellery. Crystals are known for their magical healing, spiritual and psychic powers. Reiki healers believe that all gems contain energy and so they are good healers. They have the power to completely influence our health and body.

Authentic new age jewellery is quite popular. This versatile jewellery can be a very special gift for the people you care about. This can be a very spiritual and meaningful gift for your loved ones. New age jewels come in many different forms and each and every article has significance and a particular use. Some jewellery helps the wearer to focus on individual energy. These include meditative symbols, or stones and charms that are meant to harness personal power.

This powerful new age jewellery should be worn close to the body and near certain loci of energy. This sacred jewellery includes pendants, rings, bracelets and charms. Pendants lie close to the heart and many find them useful for powerful emotions. Rings encircle important pathways for living force, so gems that have the power to renew and refresh can be used in rings.

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