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by admin on February 14, 2007

Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums

Psychic Mediums & Spirit Guides

The startling reality is everyone has spirit guides around them, most people travel through life never realizing this. They may well have been with you in previous lives too and most certainly have been around you since birth.

Spirit Guides have lived once on the earth but have learned everything their experience on the earth could teach them, so they then take spirit for the helping of those on the mortal plain.

The purpose of your Spirit Guides is to help you progress along your own unique, spiritual path. Your Guides will not impose their wills on you. So once you have learned their names and abilities, it is up to you to start developing a relationship with them. With the help of an experienced Psychic Medium, you can learn the names of your Guides, along with the unique abilities each one of them possess.

The best way to start your introduction is via a psychic medium phone reading with an experienced reader.

There are also spiritual reasons why you have the Spirit Guides around you that you do. When your Spirit Guides where living on the Earth, they also had lives as unique and individual as those us living on the Earth now. So you and your Spirit Friends are vibrationally drawn together according to the commonality of your life experiences. Theirs when they were living on the Earth and yours that you are experiencing now. This gives you Guides the knowledge and experience to help you, since your Guides have already been through these experiences when they lived on the Earth.


A group of guides are called a "Spirit Band". Everyone has a "Spirit Band that surrounds them. Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that they have these spiritual helpers available. 

With the help of an experienced psychic medium it is possible to start learning about your Spirit Band. It is important to understand that a "Psychic" does not have the ability to communicate with the spirit world, so a Psychic cannot tell you or give you the names of your Spirit Guides. Seek out a Psychic Medium for this because a true Psychic Medium is naturally attuned with the Spirit World.

Be careful of Psychics who have suddenly claimed to be a Psychic Medium right after Psychic Mediums started becoming more sought after. Remember, being famous and suddenly "claiming" to be a Psychic Medium does not make one so.

 Your First Reading

It is not uncommon in your first reading to have only one Spirit Guide present him/herself to you. If after your reading you will begin talking to the Guide that was presented to you during your reading, your vibrational energy will rise, therefore making it possible for more of your Spirit Guides to come through to you in future readings.

Many of my clients have told me how much their lives have changed after they started communicating with their Spirit Guides on a consistent basis.

 Psychic phone and medium readings are not just about sorting out your love life! They can be used in a dramatic and productive way to enhance your own spiritual path.

When selecting a reader always choose a psychic medium as this type of reader can access higher planes and get in touch with your guides, you will most probably be told what sort of guides you have around you – it’s very enlightening and interesting and gives you a different perspective on life.


About the Author

Rachel Saxon works in the psychic and metaphysical industry and offers services Worldwide to advance spiritualism and world awareness,
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