Question Psychic

by admin on August 18, 2008

Question Psychic

Question Psychic

What are Psychic Predictions?

Have you ever had moments in your life when you experience some bad or good feelings? For example, you feel bad about something or you feel good about something without knowing why. During such moments, you are actually relying on your intuition. And sometimes, you may surprise yourself when you find that your intuition can actually be quite accurate!

We all rely on our intuition during various occasions in our lives. For instance, we may be undecided about a job offer. So we call on our intuition to help us make a decision. Usually, it goes something like, "I have a good (or bad) feeling about this job, so I think I'll take (or reject) it." When we do so, we are acting on our intuition. This can help us in our daily lives. But if intuition is so useful, why aren't people using their own intuition more often?

The problem with intuition is that we don't always get these feelings. They seem to happen on an ad-hoc basis, and they come out of the blue. It feels almost as if we have no control over our intuition. This is true for most people. But for a select group of people, they are able to experience these feelings on a far more frequent basis. Usually, these people are very sensitive to energy vibrations, and when they tune in to such vibrations, they start experiencing things that others would have missed. We call these people psychics.

In modern times, psychics are getting more and more popular. That is because people are realizing that material possessions alone won't give them the happiness that they are seeking for. Many people, despite being materially well off, still suffer from severe anxiety. They face problems with their businesses, their children, their parents, they marriage, and so on and so forth.

Hence, as a way to end these anxieties, many are starting to seek the help of psychics. They believe that psychics are able to peek into the future, and let them see what the future is in store for them. For instance, if a marriage is failing, the individual may ask a psychic if there is any hope of saving the marriage. If there isn't, then is there someone else who will come along the way. If so, how soon will that be?

To provide the answers to these questions, psychics use a variety of tools to help them with the readings. Some prefer to use tarot cards, while others prefer to use various meditation techniques.

When done correctly, psychic readings can give an individual peace of mind, and even hope. The whole psychic prediction process can be looked upon as some kind of healing process. Only with the answers from the psychics can the healing begin. That is the whole essence of psychic predictions.

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Psychic Questions Answered for My Subscribers II(Not too late to sub and ask a question)

is there a psychic who could please answer my question?

there's this guy in my art class, his name is jet and i think he might be interested in me. i dont know for sure. when i show him my art work he's really interested in it. he even likes my paintings. i think he might be shy to talk to me, i mean he says nice things about me, he may like another girl. we have some things in common. if there is psychic on yahoo answers or a medium please answer my question. could this guy be the one who's going to be in my life?

Not too many psychics would be willing to do this free, buy yourself a deck of oracle cards and you can ask the same question in a shortened version. I ask the oracle cards the following question. Will I be with Jet and keep repeating the question while visualising.

They are quite handy to have oracle cards, search ebay for more options.

Fingers crossed someone will answer your question for you.

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