Removal Spell

by admin on September 30, 2003

Removal Spell

Removal Spell

This is No Fantasy Story, You Can Lose Weight Fast With Weight Loss Spells

You might think this is another entry about boring "how to lose weight" articles that would be pointless and wouldn't give you the kind of results you've been wanting. Stop dwelling on those programs that wouldn't satisfy you. You might have already heard of endless exercise stories, diet pills and supplements, shakes and weight loss pills - how about weight loss spells? Now, this article will give you enough information about weight loss spells as this would teach you how to get rid of those unnecessary fats you've wanted to eradicate.

There are types of Weight Loss Spell: The ones that you'll discover and acquire on your own and those that would pay others to cast on you. Those that you pay for could charge from $15 to hundreds of dollars to cast. There are also some free spells online that you could use if you are familiar with the process.

So why should we use weight loss spells? Weight loss spells, as the name would imply, are spells designed to help one lose weight. Companies that provide weight loss spells have reasons as to why you must purchase their product. Such reasons include the little effort you have to put in and the major fact that the process is really painless. What happens is that, you place a phone call and give your credit card number and in just a matter of few weeks, you already have it. Also, the spell aims to put your body in shape so that you won't have to go to the gym and do some crunches. Some companies would also offer satisfaction and money-back guarantees.

The weight loss spells could do wonders in the lives of a consumer - it does magic to everybody as it would surely give one a satisfying result. The weight loss spell aims to increase metabolism, decrease appetite, increase your happiness and increase activity. Also, some spells could give firmer skin, scar removal, cellulite and spot removal and an increase in sexual intimacy.

Do they really work? Even if you could read numerous testimonials given on many of the sites that offer such spells, participation in them must be entered into carefully. Just be cautious about it. Nutritionist and doctors would teach about diet and exercise and there are many ways or tips as to how one could lose weight and increase overall wellbeing. Healthy eating would mean a diet full of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and whole grains too. And of course, a diet is not complete without 64 ounces of water per day and increased physical activity.

Now, if you are really serious in losing weight, this is your time. Make a research about weight loss spells now and you will be surprised by the kind of results you'll be getting from it. Also, try asking for referrals from people as words of mouth brought by experience is surely a great source of information. There is no time to waste. If you'd like to achieve the body you wanted, then it is about time.

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Identity Removal Spell

Does anyone know of any Wiccan spells to aid in removal of residual stress in a houshold?

Only serious answers please.
I must say that it is not a person that is causing it..just daily stress that I feel has built up.
I have meditated to cleanse myself, but still feel the effects in the house.

This is my own energy work...if it doesn't work for you...I encourage you to try other's or make up your own

You'll need...
Paper or Parchment
Red String
Lighter or White Candle
Ink Pen
Light Blue Candle

Start the spell on a waning moon....
Take the person's name you are having stress with and write it on a piece of paper...
Then right your name on the other side...
Now wrap the red string around the piece of paper until it is totally wrapped up...
Now light the white candle or spark the lighter and put the paper in the flame
As it burns say..
With this flame we shall be free
Free from stress and free from deed
(I like to chant the Witches rune with this spell to increase it's power)
Then take the ashes and blow it away....
As the wind blows away my troubles
May the peace be increased by doubles
Then go inside and light a light blue candle
Say this... "By the light blue blue candle burn"
"Peace and prosperity will be greatly earned"
Let the candle burn all the way down and let itself out.
After this...
smudge your house and chant "with this air about this house....I cast all bad and wrong things out"
Lay salt around the windows and doors...
and chant "The scared earth I use to cleanse and call for good things to happen again"
Next after this is all done..
Cook a nice dinner for everyone and try to get along with them as well as you can before the spell takes effect....remember adding positive energy towards the more power to the spell and you'll have a better outcome.

Hope I helped.

Edit: If it's not a person...then on the other side of the paper write down what is being blocked by all the stress

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