Revenge Voodoo

by admin on August 27, 2003

Revenge Voodoo

Revenge Voodoo

How to get Even with Your Ex Wife: Are the Rewards worth the Risks?

When your marriage ends you might find yourself looking for ways how to get even with your ex wife. It’s natural to some degree to want to hurt the people who hurt you. In fact, we often hurt the people we care most about more than anyone else. It wouldn’t hurt if they didn’t matter so much to us after all.

When it comes to revenge, there are potential rewards as well as likely risks. It is a good idea to weigh them all carefully before you make any decisions you are likely to regret later on.

What are the risks of getting even with your ex wife?

1)   Retaliation

2)   Self Loathing

3)   Fleeting Satisfaction

4)   Empty Victory

What are the potential rewards of revenge?

1)   Closure

2)   Satisfaction

3)   Ability to Move On

Of course if you really want to know how to get even with your ex wife it is going to be something much more involved than voodoo dolls and stick pins. More often than not revenge is something that can’t be undone or overlooked. Are you really prepared for the probable fallout over your actions?

More importantly, are you absolutely ready to move on without your ex wife in your life or is there some part of you that is still clinging to the hope of reconciliation? If so, how do you think your efforts at revenge will impact these hopes? More than likely an act of revenge or an attempt to get even will ruin your chances to get back together with your ex wife.

Only you can decide whether you are willing to risk the possible relationship for the fleeting satisfaction of vengeance.

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Voodoo Revenge

Is it Karma or Voodoo that is destroying my life?

I've now got a cut in my mouth that wont stop bleeding(even though I've been to hospital twice), both my pc cd drives have jammed, I've got the council on my case for money they want and I know not why and am being treated for depression a nd Alcoholism.

If it's Karma I hope it's for my revenge I'll reap next time around!
tiz me: How I got the injury is a mistery, I trueley have no idea!

That is sad few months ago I thought you were a happy man you used to tell lots of funny jokes. I think it was karma you need to be strong and lifted your self out of this situation I know you can do it if you can't help yourself no one can.lock your self up if you have to tell your self I won't drink alcohol or pray drink water every time you feel like drinking alcohol make your mind believe that alcohol don't exist only water is the only source.remember only the strong survive you won't let alcohol which doesn't even have a mind or spirit take over your life.

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