Riches Gold Spell

by admin on February 13, 2009

Riches Gold Spell

Riches Gold Spell

Making Wow Gold in the Burning Crusade - Mote of Mana

For those of you who been following my series of articles on how to make World of Warcraft gold in The Burning Crusade, will know that I have been spending time in the fractured realm of Netherstorm, seeking out the many and varied ways to farm and grind for easy wow gold in this chaotic region of Outland.

A profitable location to grind for gold is the south-western fragment of Netherstorm around Area 52. As I’ve explained in other articles, Area 52 is a hovel of a goblin town, but totally crazy and a fun place to hangout. It’s well known that the area all around this goblin settlement teams with all sorts of Mana creatures, including Mana Wraiths, Nether Rays and Phase Hunters which are ripe for drops of motes of Mana. Collect 10 motes of Mana to create 1 Primal Mana.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Primal farming is the mainstay for those that have reached the level of 60 plus and are looking to make some gold for their first flying mount in Outland.

The main Primal elements are found all over outland and include Primal Air, Primal Earth, Primal Fire, Primal Life, Primal Shadow, Primal Water and Primal Mana. Netherstorm is famous for its Mana which many of the creatures have absorbed there and which is constantly being drained by the huge Mana Forges of the Blood Elves.

Another region that has a high concentration of Mana-rich creatures is the infamous Wizard’s Row, the location of the corrupted tower of the Kirin Tor. All mages shudder at the mention of this location for it is here that the Nether creatures known as Mana Seekers and Mageslayers, hunger in search of other Mana-rich creatures - Mages included!

Mages will need to kill these creatures quickly, lest they reflect back your spells and suck the very Mana from your body. Once skilled in the killing of these creatures, you’ll be richly rewarded with drops of Motes of Mana.

If you want to combine a daily quest with incidental drops of Motes of Mana, you might like to pickup the quest “Maintaining the Sunwell Portal” from Exarch Nasuun located in Shattrath for the recovery of Mana Cells. These cells have been stolen by the Ethereals located at Bash’irs Landing that sits atop the northwestern corner of the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

In the course of completing this quest, you’ll have to kill many of the Phase Wyrms that guard the Mana Cells, which incidentally drop Motes of Mana. The only problem with this quest is that you will need a flying mount to reach Bash’ir’s Landing, but still worth the effort if you’re looking for that last few elusive gold coins to earn your epic flying mount.

About the Author

Marcus Ty writes extensively on the art and craft of making World of Warcraft Gold. His tips and strategies are chronicled in The Journal of Marcus Ty - Gold Making Guide. Read his Blog World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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