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by admin on February 12, 2004

Ring Money

Ring Money

Diamond Engagement Rings; How To Choose Them?

If you are heading towards proposing your special someone you would surely need a diamond engagement ring to mark that occasion. Here are some interesting tips to keep in mind while purchasing the diamond ring.

The first consideration should be given in selecting the type of diamond engagement rings. There are different types available and the best option would be solitaire. In solitaire itself there are many variations. There are four-prong, six prong solitaire setting, beel setting etc. Yet another version is the one in three stone setting. Such rings would have diamonds in different shapes and sizes.  The three stone rings are seen in white gold, yellow gold or even diamond.

The quality of the diamond is an important factor to be noted. Quality comes much above the price of the diamond. Make sure that you are getting the quality for the money that you pay. This includes everything from the band to the stone. Usually the diamond quality is determined by factors like Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color. There are known are the 4 Cs of the diamond. If you are purchasing the engagement ring through online, make sure that the diamond has got a certification.

You are going to propose your special someone with the ring. So it really important that you must take the preferences of your girl in mind for purchasing the perfect engagement rings. Sometimes the women prefer other stones to solitaire. For understanding the girl's preference you must have a clear idea of her personality first.  It is better to ask her directly about her choices if you are not planning for a surprise. If it is a surprise, ask her opinion generally and tell that you need the information to help someone else.

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, the budget should be considered first. You must clearly have an understanding of how much you are going to spend for the ring. Money is not the most important factor however you would not want to be broken after the purchase. Moreover, the engagement marks the beginning for the wedding, which means more expenses. Put a lot of thought and decide on your budget.

There is a tedious step involved while shopping for your ring. It is finding a reputable jeweler. You would surely don't want to shop for something expensive with a less reputed jeweler. Take advice from friends about the jewelers if you are going for the first time. You also have the vast option of shopping over internet. Online shopping for the engagement ring is a smart choice as you would find many discounts going through it.  This would also help to do some research on the rings. Hence internet shopping is a really a better way.

The appeal of the engagement ring is also determined by the metal of the ring. Mostly the metal would be platinum, yellow or white gold. Platinum is considered as rarer than gold and it is quite expensive too. So the better and common choice would be the yellow gold. Though 24 carat is pure gold, mostly the rings would in 14 or 18 carat gold as it would be less prone to wear and tear.

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