Ring Power

by admin on December 4, 2006

Ring Power

Ring Power

Lord of the Rings

It is very difficult to get with all problems of the world. For example, the society corruption is a constant figure in the process of fighting for the power. The social corruption is one of the main factors for the person to be greedy, convenient, and unkind for other people. The problem of the Ring of Gyges is present in our day because if it turns to be in not into right hands and that person can use it for only in egoistic purposes.

For example, in the film ‘Lord of the Rings’, the greatest creation by Tolkien, one ring had an incredible power and the person who had it could rule the whole world. As it was done in the depths of the darkness whatever the owner of the ring was the ring had the power to make the person evil, and in addition, the ring wanted to be only on the finger of its creator. It had a lot of abilities: that one who put it into the finger could be invisible.

The representatives of different classes were gathered around the table and they wanted to destroy the ring, but nobody could do it, only one way could destroy it forever: the place of its birth.

So, Frodo Bagging was chosen to return the ring. It turned to be not an easy task. During his trip a lot of adventures took place; he forced to leave the house, lost his friends, who were the closest for him, in order to reach the goal. But that ring made him corrupt and now he wanted only one thing - the power.

He should fight with many different features in order not to loose the ring, but its powers were too serious that is why it was necessary to destroy before it turned to be in evil hands.

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