Romance Spell

by admin on January 23, 2005

Romance Spell

Romance Spell

Development of the Romance Genre

Romance as a genre has a very long history. There were so many presentations of romance and, it was mainly told through magic, dragons, knights, quests, heroic deeds, spells, wizards and so on. However, in the 17 century, the romance genre disappeared as people subscribed to more realistic views like empirical thoughts, rationalism and even theology. However, as time went by, the 18th century saw the rebirth of romance idealism and, all was not lost. There was no stopping the spread of romance and urbanization only saw the blossoming of romance genre. In the 19th century, the genre could be divided into two main parts. This is according to the English novel. First, there was the Gothic romance. This kind of romance explored some of the mystical or mysterious anxieties of the human kind. It was full of symbolism which was very much popular with the people. Today, you will find many who are still fans of this subgenre. The other part of the English novel was the historical romance. This kind of literature was best modeled by Sir Walter Scotts. The past was brought on the forefront to tell great tales of romance.

The romance genre has further evolved into many subgenres. You will mostly find contemporary or modern ideas all incorporated into the modern romances. The past is still a part of us and, more and more people continue to appreciate what has become of romance and romance writings. There is no other genre of writing that is able to provoke so much emotion other than romance. For this reason, literature that is good, will sell itself. People are not just looking to be captivated by good stories but, they are looking to be inspired in a deeper way. The romance genre has stood the test of time and, nothing can replace it. More and more tales of romance are looking to inform. This is to influence people and provoke feelings and desire of love and even affection. We are living in a society that has often been described as numb or cold. It is not easy for us to really express what we are feeling. This is because a lot of mistrust has been brought by modernization and modernity. Finding true love is almost becoming some thing foreign. This is an age where people are getting into relationships for material gains and convenience.

The romance genre and, more so the modern romance subgenre is seeking to penetrate into the hearts of people and enable them recapture that love they once felt. This is the love is pure and lacks nothing. Popularity of such stories only shows how hungry society is for real affection that is based on love and commitment. Sometimes there is unrealistic drama in these stories but, this is just for the purpose of entertainment. Why not take time and really get inspired by love that is pure, plain and simple. This is true love that romance stories inspire in the lives of many people.

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can you tell me some good young adult (teen) romance books?

i would like to know a few good teen books like mediator, princess diaries... books mostly found in popular book stores like odessy(did i spell that right?) or something. oh, and i also love vampire romance and goth themes (call me a freak or whatever). pls let me know soon.

A Great and Terrible Beauty- Libba Bray
Rebel Angels- Libba Bray
The Sweet Far Thing- Libba Bray

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer

That's all i can think of for now...

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