Santeria Spell

by admin on April 18, 2006

Santeria Spell

Santeria Spell

Get To Know What Santeria Music Is

Santeria Music Still Exists

The Santeria music is a type of music that the Cuban culture uses when it comes to worshipping their gods. It originally started between Ellegua and Iyawo - two people who've played an important role when it comes to the Cuban religion.

For some, Ellegua and Iyawo came form a Yoruba parable - a few people made them relive and believe that they're the ones that they should thank for, since they discovered and set up the faith, not to mention they are the ones who made their culture well known to others too. They are those who started chanting, singing different rituals and different body movements as well - this is their technique of worshipping their gods.

The Santeria music is not a standard sort of thing that you will have been listening to. The music is made of drum thrashing and rolling followed by chants and different singing rituals that they have learned from their ancestors and from the progenitors of their ancestors and the like. Do not fear these folks - some think that people listening into this music are magicians or cults trying to chant different spells. To tell you truthfully, this is one of their methods to show their appreciation and gratitude to their gods. Different religions have different ways when it comes to worshipping their known creator - and Cubans praise their god through this actual kind of music.

The modern civilization was able to understand and accept the culture that has been started by Ellegua and Iyawo. Today, there are different websites that are providing and selling albums that consist of different Santeria Music tracks. It is quite good to understand that people have started to accept that different folks have different beliefs.

Before, it's been hard for these folk to accept that there were some faiths like these that existed. Today, because folk have started to open their minds, Santeria is now available not solely in Cuba but also in the united states of America, including other nations all around the planet. As an interesting point, there are albums released that were recorded from the particular singing and rituals of their Cuban ancestors worshipping their gods and goddesses.

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Mario Doesn't Know How To Spell SanterĂ­a

Where can I find Scorpion powder used for a santeria spell?

I'm looking for it either on line or in the New York area.

Or is there anything that I can use as a substitute?

Only knowledgeable people please reply

I'm very familar with botanicas. There are at least 5 located in my neighborhood. I also found two sites but none of them have the powder..


Although, both are derived from African cultures/religion and beliefs Santeria is NOT Vodou. Santeria is a mixture of traditional Yoruba religion and catholic beliefs.

why dont you dry out a scorpion and grind it up?

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