Spell Brujeria

by admin on July 25, 2008

Spell Brujeria

Spell Brujeria

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Why did I dream someone did Brujeria on me?

I had a dream someone did Brujeria on me. I was walking out of a store and a little boy ran after me and threw hot water on me, then I ended up in my friends house and was laying in the bed sleeping, (which I was really doing at that exact moment next to her in real life)and people were doing a spell on me and I couldnt breathe. I knew it was happening in my dream and I wanted to wake up but couldn't. I was trying to hit my friend who was laying next to me and call her name to wake me from the dream but I couldnt speak. Eventually I woke up. It was really scary. Could this be a sign, someone did Brujeria on me?

maybe a warning of things to come. i've had similar dreams (not of brujeria but you get the point) and they've come true i get scared sometimes when i have nightmares of things that are bound to happen. sometimes i'm scared to tell them to other people for fear of them coming true.
dammit i hope i didn't jinx it

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