Spell Haunted

by admin on February 14, 2010

Spell Haunted

Spell Haunted

Why Use a Love Spell? You Do not Need Crazy Love

Love is a feeling which you have little or no control over. It has made many people commit suicide, sell plots of land and remain bankrupt. It makes most people to behave in an abnormal manner. To the people around them they act stupid but to themselves they are only responding to some queer forces. Extreme crazy love is usually associated with love spells. A love spell is dangerous because it is like your life stands still and all that is important is the other person. It becomes endless love. This is usually used by people who their love is un reciprocated. It is a bad feeling to love somebody who does not love you back. It can even cause a bad heart disease. Love spells are also used in revenge missions. I have heard of married women who have used love spells on their promiscuous drunkard husbands in a trial to tame them.

People who are subjected to love spells become real slaves of the other partners. In most cases, no amount of verbal abuse or even physical abuse that is enough to make the love disappear. The endless love cannot be easily reverted and it mostly calls for intervention from friends and relatives. It is the extreme form of crazy love. I once read a story about a girl who was subjected to a love spell when she was sixteen years old. The amount of audacity and courage she explained left my mouth agape. She used to escape from school at the middle of the night, jump over electric fences amidst much darkness and run over the bushes only to have a glance at a teenage boy.

Love spells blind your eye in such a way that you are not responsive to any amount of mistreatment. She used to be beaten over a small quarrel and she even miscarried. Her mother was very touched that she had to save her from the hands of death. She got her a school far away from the bustard and her life continued. What disappointed me was her confession that she still had love feeling towards the guy but she restrains herself. This means that love which is influenced by a spell is endless love. It is very unfair to see someone struggling to free herself from crazy love and yet she can't.

Crazy love is very disturbing especially if you do not need it. Love spells are known to mess people's lives. There should be a social court where such offenders are judged and persecuted. Love should come from within without any external forces. That is the real true love which you should celebrate. It does not feel good to be loved by someone because you had to use a love spell on her. You live feeling guilty since endless love will haunt her for a life time. It is not possible to revert the already done damage. Be patient with life and with the advent of dating sites you will find love so effortlessly.

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