Spell Pagan

by admin on August 3, 2005

Spell Pagan

Spell Pagan

Quick Guide to Casting Spells - A General Set of Steps to Follow

Spells are amazing ways to take back our power, one which had been taken away for centuries by organized religions and the people who presume that they personally know the Creator and are the only ones who are capable of communing with HER or HIM. Spells allow us to use the tremendous energy that each of us have for creating magick in our lives.

However, there are some simple rules that people need to remember when working spells. First and foremost; remember the Wiccan Rede; "An it harm none, do what you will." This means that all of us have the power to do anything, unless it harms someone directly or indirectly. If we hurt someone, then the three-fold law will be set in motion and we will be the recipient of three times the hurt that we inflicted on someone else. That's a good thing to remember, right?

It is not easy to think of all the people that our actions affect, directly or indirectly. For example, if we love someone and work a spell to increase their love for us, maybe that indirectly affects the time and energy they have for loving the rest of their family! So think deeply before deciding on a spell and how to express your intentions. Make sure your words and thoughts do not hurt anyone or anything.

The next step is to decide what your intentions are and what tools you will need to work your spell. For each intention, there are colors, herbs, gemstones, tools, etc. that will make a huge difference in the ambience or environment around us. Always use your own words while working a spell. Just because the words sound exotic or the words rhyme, it doesn't mean that your spell will work. Your words have to mirror your intentions; that's the only way the spell will work. So give yourself enough time to think about what it is you intend and how best to express it to the powers and energies who will be doing the work for you.

Whether you work the spell inside your house or outside, make sure that the area is clean of clutter and old, used things; for everything contains energy. If there are things used by other people around the area where we do our spell, that energy will affect the outcome of our spell. Also, if we use items used by other people, their energies will be part of our spell working. Depending on the items, it could help our cause or hurt it. Remember to consecrate all your tools and also bless them just before you use each of them.

The area where you work your spell is also very important. The best place is outdoors on inside your house where you spend some time in daily spiritual practice. An altar, images or candles representing Goddess and God or any deity that you respect is very conducive to our relaxation and inspiration. Some people use the powers of the creative energies, such as the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. We may use salt, water, incense, or candle flame for consecrating our tools. Also, use the directions, East, North, West, and South for guidance to accomplish our goals.

When we have gathered all our tools, a sacred circle needs to be cast. This is for the purpose of protection so that our energies remain pure and powerful and will not be tainted or reduced by negative ones. Casting a circle may be accomplished using the Athame, Besom, Wand or pointing a finger in the direction of the circle and calling upon the energies mentioned above to guide us in our path.

After the circle is cast and we have all the guides we invited into our sacred space, we have to close the circle so that we remain protected in our sacred space. Now we visualize on the intent of our actions and complete the rituals of spell working. Once the spell is complete, we have to remember to thank our deities and other guides before we open the circle.

Remember to dispose of all the remains of our spell working (such as candle wax, ash from incense, holy water, etc) in the proper ways. Throwing them away as trash is not a good idea. Mother Earth is our first ally. So burying most of the materials used, (as long as they are from nature) is a sensible thing to do.

The best practice is to use very little of nature's resources and put back into life more than you have taken out of it. This is the only way our Universe will survive and thrive.

About the Author

Rose Ariadne has been practicing ancient forms of Witchcraft for over 25 years. Get more info about casting spells here: http://www.askroseariadne.com/editorials/quick-guide-to-casting-spells.html

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Is Paganism are are Pagan spells real?!?

Ok, here's the thing... My girlfriend is Pagan, and knows a lot of those spells. I never believed any of it, until last night, her pet rat fractured his neck, and looked as if he were about to die. He couldn't move at ALL and I was sure it was the end. Then she did a spell that used candles and stuff, and today, he's running around as if nothing ever happened! Is this stuff real, or is there a logical explanation?

I believe magic is REAL. If this story is true your Girlfriend believes magic is REAL. One thing I can tell you for sure the Spell didn't hurt.

It's up to you to decide what you want to think because no one can MAKE you believe.

YOU should NEVER base your beliefs on observations or other peoples opinions. Instead you should learn for yourself what to believe, through study.

Each person is responsible for their own Soul, Actions and thoughts. Therefore each person is responsible to seek their own path. The best way to make this important choice is through research:

Learning Wicca:

There is a wonderful free online Course called Wicca Revealed:

Some Good Web sites:

Some Good books to Read:

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
By Scott Cunningham

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
By Scott Cunningham

Truth about Witchcraft Today
By Scott Cunningham

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