Spell Shaman

by admin on October 26, 2006

Spell Shaman

Spell Shaman

Wow Shaman Leveling Guide - Few Tips How To Level A Shaman Fast

Shaman is my favorite class in World of Warcraft. Because of use a big number of totems, it makes this class so interesting to play. Shaman has the best burst damage in the game (if playing elemental) and has the best area of effect (AoE) heals called "Chain Heal" (restoration). When it comes to leveling you can do it in two ways. Leveling as Elemental or Enhancement, Restoration is out of the option, due to lack of damage output.

WoW Shaman Leveling Guide - Which talent tree is the best for leveling?

As I said before: Don't even think of leveling as Restoration. Restoration talent tree is for healing only and not for damage dealing. But as long leveling requires doing quests and killing mobs, this build is not recommended.

From my experience, the best talent build for leveling a Shaman is Enhancement. With this build the downtime for regenerating mana/health is zero. That is because almost all the damage you do is melee damage and doesn't require mana for it. So you can spare all the mana for healing yourself. But if it happens to run out of mana you just activate "Shamanistic Rage" and you are full again.

Some say that Elemental is also good for leveling. I agree! But as long as casting spells requires mana, leveling as Elemental is much slower because you need to stop for drinking.

WoW Shaman Leveling Guide - Questing?

Absolutely! Questing is the fastest way of getting XPs (experience points). But beware! Tons of quests out there are designed to slow you down. You get a small amount of XP and you spend a lot of time to complete this kind of quests.

To know exactly which quests to pick up, get yourself a WoW Shaman Leveling Guide. With this guide I started raiding with my guild after 7 days when started from level 1: http://www.kreativaonline.com/zygorguides

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