Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Bracelet

A sterling silver bracelet may take many forms, shapes and sizes. The sterling silver bracelet may be an elegantly simple link sterling silver bracelet. It may be a bangle that is an engraved or smooth sterling silver bracelet. A sterling silver bracelet is a piece of jewelry that will be worn and treasured for many years.

A sterling silver bracelet is an excellent gift to announce the arrival of a baby girl. Engraved with personal information, the sterling silver bracelet is an item that will be treasured by both Mother and child for years to come. Likewise, a sterling silver bracelet is quite often the beginning of a charm collection for a young girl. Most young girls have owned a sterling silver bracelet laden with special charms of their favorite things.

In recent years, a sterling silver bracelet has been the perfect gift for a new Mother. She will have an engraved charm representing each of her children attached to her sterling silver bracelet. There could very well be a representation of special anniversaries or other family occasions on the Mother's bracelet. And, of course, as grandchildren enter the scene, the sterling silver bracelet will receive even more additions to truly represent the story of the Mother's life and all who are special to her.

A sterling silver bracelet can be tubular and the sterling silver bracelet may be smooth, etched or even hammered. A popular item is an oval shaped sterling silver bracelet. Unlike the traditional round sterling silver bracelet, the oval sterling silver bracelet is made to conform to the natural shape and curvature of a woman's wrist. Many say the sterling silver bracelet which is oval is more comfortable.

The sterling silver bracelet may have a clasp. There are several types of clasps and one kind is not necessarily preferred over another. Most popular on a sterling silver bracelet is the lobster claw clasp. A sterling silver bracelet which is securely fastened is a sterling silver bracelet which most likely never drop off the wrist.

A sterling silver bracelet may also have a toggle closure. A sterling silver bracelet with a toggle closure has become popular in the last decade. The toggle closure on the sterling silver bracelet is especially enjoyed by women who would otherwise have difficulty closing the traditional clasp of the sterling silver bracelet. This is a feature of a sterling silver bracelet to remember when buying for the elderly; the toggle clasp on the sterling silver bracelet is more easily seen and manipulated.

What makes a sterling silver bracelet so popular? A number of reasons top the list - affordability, durability, versatility and the knowledge that the precious gift of a sterling silver bracelet is a gift that will span the ages of time. A Mother's sterling silver bracelet may be her gift to her daughter as she becomes a teenager, or the sterling silver bracelet may be a family's legacy to be passed at a person's death. A sterling silver bracelet will last forever. All it needs is a wrist to be worn on and a person to love it and care for it.

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How to Solder a Simple Sterling Silver Bail

I want to melt sterling silver and cast jewelry. Where can I find the equipment to melt metal safely?

I have several pounds of sterling silver and some casts that I want to pour melted silver into to make original jewelry. I've searched for equipment to melt the silver but just keep finding suggestions like "using a torch." I thought maybe there is a pot or kettle melting system that I've yet to discover. All your help is so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Uh, have you read up on smelting?

Check out the melting point of sterling silver. Chances are you won't be doin' it on the stove-top.

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