True Love

by admin on August 5, 2005

True Love

True Love

True Love Lyrics by Diva Faith Evans

Songs of love are mainly used to express affection and express it well. There are songs that show the side of love that is bitter but, true love lyrics by Faith Evans are about triumphs and strengths of true love. It is a very interesting song and it will make you reflect on the good times you shared with your partner. Faith Evans has managed to entertain eager fans all around the world, she is a diva who is going places and the song true love was a hit captivating audiences from wide and far. True love lyrics go like this. The first verse starts like 'six years five months, that is how long we have been having this thing, every moment has not been perfect, but still when it is perfect, it feels like we are only two people who have something real. Now three years two weeks, that is how long we have been raising our family, and would not go trading the love we got.

So do not go changing, I love you just the way you are'. These will speak to many couples who have been committed to their partners and, there comes a time when you have to analyze and reflect on how far you have come. This song will enable you look back and appreciate every moment you have shared with your spouse. And more so be thankful for the family you have been able to raise. It reminds spouses and partners that, changing for the worse should not happen instead, it is vital for people to become even better as they age into the relationship. True love lyrics continue and the chorus to the song goes like this 'it is true loves when you say I need you like you need me, and I can't be without you like you cannot be without you. It is true love when we spend time talking on the phone, because when we are not around each other, we cannot be alone. It is true love, love love, love. Just believe me truthfully because, before I tell you a lie, I will give my life because that is true love.' It is an affirmation of love and, this is perhaps one of the greatest things that people should do while in love.

This is a song that is going to make you evaluate what your life is like in this regard. Finally you will be in a position to know where to make everything better. The purpose of love songs is exactly this and, when you fall in love with this song, its purpose will be fulfilled. There are other verses to this song and, the bridge is as follows 'cause I do not need anyone else in my life baby, those of you that that understand what I’m saying, sing along with me say, cause I do not need anyone but you in my life baby'. The song gives an opportunity to the fans to sing along. Apart from learning so much from the song, you will find yourself very entertained.

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Faith Evans-True Love

Where can I find the true love that is faithful and trustworthy to share my life?

I am a single parent with a kid, in middle age. I have suffered from the infidelity of my ex husband. Could there be a chance to get true love with trust as a basic unit? I want to find and make someone to share the laughter and fun, not tearful anymore. Could God hear my prayer ?

Yes it can happen!! I am in my 30's with two children and have been through the worst imaginable relationships. I had completely given up. It was when I stopped looking and least expected it that it found me. He has three children of his own from a marriage in which he was verbally abused. We share a LOT of the same past, and both believe that a relationship is NOTHING without complete trust and honesty. He is truly my dream lover. Please don't give up hope. It happened for me... All I can really suggest is that you try to stop thinking about it, try to stop looking, go to places where your interest lies such as church, art museums, or wherever. Don't be afraid to start conversations with strangers. Make yourself open to new friendships without being bent on finding love. It WILL happen. 🙂

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