Voodoo Doll

by admin on September 13, 2006

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Love Magick Still Has Its Place in Modern Day Magick

It was in Africa, the cradle of civilization that Voodoo was born. Voodoo or Vodun means Great Spirit. The practitioners of Voodoo believe that one deity rules over the entire Universe but there are multiple smaller deities called Loas who are in charge of various aspects of our life. Magick is performed to appease the Loas and gain their blessings.

Magickal ways of life probably originated from Voodoo. As Africans moved away from their land, Voodoo incorporated other practices into it and became Santeria, Hoodoo, etc.

Dance, Music and chanting are part of the ceremonial rituals of Voodoo. One of the main rituals of Voodoo is performing magick over dolls. These dolls are created ceremoniously by the Voodoo priestesses and priest. They are usually made of natural substances from the earth such as twigs, leaves, nuts and vines. While creating these poppets, the practitioner chants and meditates while giving the poppet its identity. The spirit of the ill person was invited to inhabit the poppet by anointing it with oil.

This type of magick where poppets are created to represent humans or animals was believed to have originated from necessity. Africa is a vast land where the different tribes lived as isolated nomads. When anyone got sick, they couldn't get the sick person to a healer because of the harsh and dangerous terrain. So the message would be sent to the healer and s/he would create the poppet to perform the healing magick on. Neat, huh?

Of course there were people who misused this practice to perform black magic and other psychic spells on innocent people. When missionaries returned from these pristine lands, they were only too happy to criticize the practice of Voodoo and call it savage and barbaric. For this reason, most Voodoo practitioners prefer to call their religion Vodun.

However Voodoo survived the colonial invasions and is still practiced in many countries. Candles, Anointing oils, Mojo bags, Poppets, etc are used in Voodoo spells. This religion places a lot of importance on ancestors, making a special altar for all ancestors in their homes, consecrating this area daily and sometimes also ceremoniously offering food to the ancestors.

Also, Voodoo and its variations place a lot of emphasis on the importance of the physical human body. In most spells, items from the body such as nails, hair, spit, secretions, blood, etc are used. To make some spells more potent, graveyard dirt is used. The idea behind it is that the place where a loved one is buried also contains the essence of that person's spirit who will help carry out the spell.

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Sebastian's Voodoo

How do you make an effective voodoo doll?

I want to make a voodoo doll and I want it to be effective. Is there something I need to do? Like, focus on the face of the person or think of something in particular that you want to happen with the doll?


Assuming you want to make your own, start by tying two sticks of mandrake root together with red thread, so they're in a kind of X or cross shape. If you have hair from your target or scraps o their clothing you can also wrap those around the X. Build the rest of your doll around this.

Once the doll is made (or if you just bought one ready-made), some people for some cases cut a slit into the doll and insert further roots, powders or herbs, plus personal concerns like name papers of the target, or hair or whatever you have. Sew it back up. Also, some people glue or sew a photograph of their target's face onto the face of the doll.

Now, here you should do some kind of rite of naming the doll for the target. I've done this by anointing the doll with oil and baptising it with holy water, and announcing that it is baptised in the name of God as __name of target__ and that it is/does whatever.

From there your treatment of the doll varies, but basically it should be something echoing how you want the target to feel like they're being treated, or else a representation of what you want to happen to the target -- making a coffin for the doll and burying it in a graveyard, for example, would be if you want the person to die; or if you want the person to be rich, wrap the doll in dollar bills and smoke it in money drawing incense from time to time. Things like that.

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