Voodoo Love

by admin on April 13, 2005

Voodoo Love

Voodoo Love

Learn the secrets of how to voodoo

Voodoo emerged in West Sahara and is constructed on African ideology from Nigeria, Benin, and Togo everywhere the Yobura people dwell. The word Voodoo is derived the west African word, "Vodun," meaning "phantom."
Voodoo worshipers have faith in one God. Devotees are in touch with God with the help of the Loa, (spirits.) The Loa are to Voodoo what the Saints mean to Catholics. The Loa are duty-bound for everyday experiences in life. The 1700 & 1800's brought numberless slaves from Africa to the Caribbean islands to work on cotten plantations. The slaves brought along their vodu and traditions. Ceremonies were constructed of communal song, drumming, dancing, chanting, and the sacrifice of creatures. Plantation owners pictured them to be savages and attempted to Christianize the slaves. Being that there were many similarities between the religions, Catholicism was worked into the Voodoo practice. The 1700's saw the arrival of enslavement, along with the slaves' religion of vodu, to New Orleans. Over many years, Voodoo in Louisiana changed and evolved to what is now known as "Louisiana Voodoo."

Well known people in Voodoo?

The oldest Voodoo queen in New Orleans is DeDe Sainte'. She arrived from Santo Domingo and allegedly bought her freedom. Sainte' held rites in her garden on Dumaine St. She would become an inspiration to Marie Laveau, New Orleans most celebrated Voodoo queen. There are plentiful misconceptions whenabout the practice of voodoo. Some of these include human sacrifices, cannibalism, the power to turn into animals, worshiping Satan, andbringing people back to life. In absoluteness, Voodoo is a extraordinarily spiritual religion whereas devotees work towards achieving a higher state of consciousness. All around the world today, Voodoo is practiced by millions of people all around the world.

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Vodu is rather interesting, and like all magical workings voodoo uses a tool to assist in projecting the energy the user harnesses, the tool vodu practicioners choose is a doll, the voodoo doll is just a tool to direct energy, keep a eye open for my next artical on voodoo dolls, andhow you can create one at homeone with a basic love spell...

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Scott Chambers is a active researcher in voodoo for 11years, He has published his findings freely on his blog and in his book.

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Can anyone tell me where to find good witches,voodoo practitioners,for love spells?

And if anyone here has done such thing with paranormal powers and it worked give me some detail, Email me benntotti@yahoo.com

The most powerful are the Haitian and Creole practitioners.
If you live in America then I guess you would look for them down near New Orleans but there are bound to be some in other states.
I visited Haiti with my Uncle and he is a believer and practitioner of Wicca holding the title of Priest he fills for the male Gods when they are having rituals.
We visited a few Haitian practitioners of Voodoo and he was amazed at their abilities of foresight ,past sight and being able to bring forth spirits and control them.
I am sorry I am not into Magic so I don't know all the proper names, but he was totally blown away by the power of these people.

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