Witch Cast

by admin on August 18, 2007

Witch Cast

Witch Cast

Classic Witch Halloween Costumes

Not sure about what to go as at Halloween? Why not put a fresh spin on an old classic and pull out the witch costume? Instantly recognisable, witch outfits are one of the staples of Halloween, meaning you really can't go wrong if you choose to hit the party dressed as one.
What's more, you really needn't worry about meeting other witches on your way and having one of those horrible same costume faux pas moments, because witch costumes are so eternally customisable. The chances of you bumping into another witch dressed in exactly the same way as you are minimal - and even then, because it's so unlikely, all there really is to do is laugh before teaming up and casting a few bewitching spells on the other party guests.
And far from being boring or unimaginative, witch costumes are some of the Halloween designs that can let you be at your most inventive. Are you going to go as a horrible old hag or a sexy young witch ready to cast a love spell or two? Or perhaps you could try a mixture of both and really give people a scare! In any case, the choice is yours, and with the huge variety of witch costumes out there, you'll be sure to find one that fits your style.
From shawls to hunch under and broomsticks to bring as that iconic prop - complete with toy black cat if you can - to fake hooked noses resplendent with warts and wrinkles, a hairy chin and those classic striped tights, it's easy to put together an old hag costume. And the options for going with a bit of a sexier look at the party are even greater, with corsets and sexy tops awaiting, as well as high, statement boots, a playful pointy hat and a container or two of witch's brew.
Even men can get in on the action by trying out a male witch or warlock costume - which is bound to get heads turning with points on originality.
No matter what your style when it comes to thinking about dressing up in <a href="witch">http://www.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk/theme-fancy-dress/halloween-costumes/witch-costumes">witch costumes</a> this Halloween, there's a great deal of fantastic outfits and designs out there. Whether you want to head out in the mood to scare in an old hag costume, cast a spell on the heart of your beloved in a sexy witch costume or keep it light and playful in a more colourful outfit, you'll certainly brighten up the Halloween party!

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I made my Sim a witch but she can't cast spells! I have all the ingredients! What the heck?

I made a witch Sim, and I have all the supplies but when I click on 'cast spell' it doesn't let me click anything! Please help me if you can.

That's never happened to me. Do you know which spells you are casting? Maybe you're using one that doesn't work for your situation (like you're trying to get rid of a sim when no one is around). Double check your ingredients, maybe you accidentally forgot which ones you needed, or you made the wrong ones. And did you cheat to make her a witch or did she get it naturally? It might be a glitch if you cheated.

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