Witch Spell

by admin on November 4, 2009

Witch Spell

Witch Spell

Witch Costume What Makes the Witch Such a Popular Costume?

However, vary few, if any witches costumes are going to be quite so magical as the magic spell witch from Leg Avenue, even with the best imagination in the world, rustling up a witch costume that does not look like you are too poor to buy one is quite a feat. Don't get me wrong, some people go to extraordinary lengths to make costumes and for the most part will look at least as good as your average shop bought witch, but lets face it, Leg Avenue costumes are way above average.

Take the good witch costume with the witches hat that lights up, a very sexy pink costume with a trio of flashing lights, even the plain black or white witchy dresses with their tattered hem, just pull on some fence net or fishnet stockings, rip them in a couple of places for that added effect. Why go to the hastle of making a witches costume that you work hard on for at least one whole day, finding the right materials, cutting, shredding, bending them into shape, when a couple of clicks on the computer present you with a wide choice of ready made witch costumes, Leg Avenue have made to a high standard in almost any colour you could wish for.

If you choose your online fancy dress shop in plenty of time, you can sit back and relax, whilst your friends are running around like hatless witches making their costume, which they will be worrying about staying up, looking good at the end of the night, not tearing whilst you put your feet up in the taxi on the way home with a happy feeling that your night was a night to remember for all the right reasons.

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Written by and copyright of Mark Christian, the owner of http://www.prettyinpinkclubwear.co.uk a successfull online costume business selling a wide range of fancy dress costumes including Halloween witch costumes

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Witchcraft for Beginners : How to Use Spell Books in Witchcraft

How to become a witch and how to properly cast a spell?

I need to know how to become a witch in VERY EASY STEPS. I also need to know how to properly cast a spell, once again, in VERY EASY STEPS.

Can you create your own spells that work. If so, How and can I use an example of a self created spell?


You can't. If Witchcraft were so easy, everyone would wiggle their noses and get what they wanted. Witchcraft doesn't offer instant gratification.

If you want to become a Witch, I can help you:
It requires study. Start by reading everything you can for a few months on the topic. Take notes. Read things twice.

Get to know your thoughts, conscious and subconscious. Write down your dreams, ideas, questions, and revelations in a journal.

Learn to discipline your mind; without this, magic is impossible. The tools and the chants are just for focus; it is the mind that makes things happen. Meditate, daily, for a few months, until you become adept at it.

After taking these steps, in a few months to a year, you might be ready to begin practicing magic and casting simple spells.

If, however, you couldn't even get through reading this post, perhaps you should consider another path. Witchcraft is probably not for you.

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