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Empowerment Distance

Empowerment Distance

Woman's role in man's world

KTR WOMEN’S COLLEGE, GUDIVADA Smt. N.Dhaneswari, Principal. ________________________________________________________________________ To, The Editor, The Hindu. From, Smt. N.Dhaneswari, Principal, KTR women’s College, Gudivada. Sir, Sub: Submission of Article for publishing title- “Women’s Role in Men’s World- regarding Ref: Your news report in Metro plus about Yulia Egorova The Telugu Jews – by Samuel Jonathan, staff reporter, Guntur. I am a regular reader of the Hindu. To my surprise I have learned about the Telugu Jews bene Ephraim communities in A.P and London research scholar Yulia Egorova in metro plus The Hindu reported by Samuel Jonathan. I have directly learned more about the Telugu Jews and their culture through our Distance Education Teacher who belonged to the Telugu Jewish Bene Ephraim Community. I was inspired to learn about the Semitic song ‘Woman of Valor’ in their culture. With that inspiration I have written this article ‘Woman’s role in man’s world’. In this regard I request you to publish my article ‘Woman’ role in man’s world’ in the Hindu. I hereby declare that this is my own work and not a copy. I need to know your feedback as early as possible so that I can send it to other news papers. I have decided to spread this concept through out A.P. first by launching a campaign. I appreciate if you consider this article to publish in your esteemed daily. Thanking you, Sincerely N. Dhanweswari Principal KTR Women’s college Gudivada.

P.S. KTR Women’s College Distance Education centre encouraged many slum area women to get enrolled in the courses and get education.

Woman’s role in a man’s world

Since times unknown woman has been loyal to her natural role in household management as a mother, wife, sister and daughter. The nature has granted her specific rights, duties and responsibilities as well as tremendous talents and capabilities to preserve life, build human societies and to maintain peace, prosperity and well being of humanity at large. Ancient world cultures had realized her role in the human world and bestowed adequate titles upon her such as – mother of all living beings, queen of the house, woman of valour and builder of the house and the like. Down the road human civilizations man’s world has progressively stripped off her role and made her dependent upon man’s hegemony even for her basic needs.

Nations that encroached woman’s space have consequently faced many a problem. Such nations have ended upon forest cultures and began to see woman either as goddess of fertility, sex symbol and a thing for perverted cultic worship on the one hand or as a slave, servant, serf, chattel and a kitchen rabbit on the other hand. These nations of savage forest cultures have trodden the woman down and brought to the no-being status. This inhuman forest culture has ruined the human ecological balance and brought forth chaos in human relations, societies and nations. However, the nations that still followed the garden cultures let her do her nature-given role of household management and have witnessed fantastic progress in every field of life and met with natural development in every human enterprise. These nations of garden cultures stood as exemplary nations for today’s developing nations.

As a lecturer in economics and as the principal of the Women’s college I have had the privilege, access and opportunity to realize and study the nature-given role of woman in the society as the key to the prosperity of the society. I have taken up the slogan ‘let woman do her job’ and went out an extra mile and encouraged the women of the slums to get enrolled in the distance education centre of our college. I have personally seen the plight of the women in our town and the surrounding suburbs through National Service Scheme camps and tried my level best to bring forth the awareness of woman’s role in the man’s world as the natural household manager. I wish I could convince the university authorities to introduce this age old but new subject in the syllabus along with the modern computer sciences in UG and PG levels. I truly felt that this subject is the immediate need for all developing nations to study as the key for development of the nations envisioned by great Semitic economists and reformers.

My plea is as simple as this. Let woman play her role in the household management for the sake of peace, prosperity and the well being of the family society and the nation. It is the woman that can build her house – from Pharaoh’s house to the farmer’s house. When woman has no role to play in the building of the home, prosperity is impossible. I have scientifically witnessed this natural phenomenon in my experience. I encourage everyone to study the acrostic song of ‘woman of valor’ written and enjoyed by the ancient Semitic societies. I appeal to all to just give woman back her role in household management and see the results for yourselves. As a lecturer in economics I have been teaching the definition of the term economics to the freshers for many years. The Greek oikos [which means house] and nomos [which means laws] together made economics as the subject to study the household laws. But to my surprise the study of the house or its queen is seen nowhere in the study of modern economics. The house and its lawmaker i.e. woman slowly disappeared from the modern economics.

Therefore I have made my lifetime profession to educate the nation and being one and all to the awareness of the face that the role of woman is the key for prosperity. We all know that India is the union of nations, cultures, languages and religions. In this gigantic union woman has been experiencing twofold extremities. She is idolized and worshiped as Jaganmatha [mother of the world] at one extreme and in practice she is raped, persecuted, trodden down, and treacherously murdered at the other extreme. This imbalance is the main reason for the financial backwardness of certain cultures in our country. Because of these cultures the whole country has been branded as ‘poor country’ by the neighbors. The leasers, legislators, reformers, philanthropists and governments have been struggling to stop the atrocities against woman. But no one is paying attention to the fact that the responsibility of the household management has to return to the woman for the sake of the prosperity of our country.

I know that no one common rule can work in our country as we are the union of many nations, cultures, languages and religions. There are patriarchal and matriarchal family structures in our country. Then how do we achieve this? First of all the common man needs to understand this simple truth and make a decision to handover the responsibility of the household management to the woman. Those who started this process have already witnessed good results. The banks and the governments do need to encourage woman along these lines in a more practical way. Once we begin to do this we can see light within our generation’s lifetime. On this foundation i.e. ‘Let woman play her role’ we can further build storeys, skyscrapers and eventually ascend to the high heavens in all walks of life. Let us transform the forest cultures into garden cultures by recognizing the true role of the woman in a family, society and a nation.

Let us take it seriously and treat this as our first step towards repairing the modern world. Let us return this natural role of the woman back to her for the safety of the mankind. As loyal citizens of this grate country+ we are well aware of the naked fact that our country is the mysterious union of many nations, cultures, languages and religious. Our constitution has provided certain fundamental rights for the citizens. But fight for the rights has become the fashionable slogan of the day. If one has to fight for the rights how can we understand the true meaning of the term ‘rights’? If something is my right who has stolen it and who is my enemy? And with whom am I supposed to fight?

Let me remind the Telugu saying that sys about the woman and the wealth. It says – the wealth of the house disappears if the woman sheds tears. The daily news continues to report that our women still shed tears in our society for one reason or the other. To encourage the citizens to fight for their already constitutionally granted rights means that we are still under enemy’s rule. If it is my country and if this government is my government that protects my rights, why do I need to fight for my rights? This paradoxical situation tells me that we are still under the forest culture where [might is right – survival of the fittest] I do need to fight for my survival.

Therefore it is not my intention to encourage woman to fight for her rights. But it is my dire intention to educate the woman, to equip her with adequate tools and to encourage her to play her nature given role in man’s society and thus to bring forth the garden culture in to our societies. This essential burden to educate equip and encourage woman has brought forth many practical issues to be addressed. What kind of education does the woman need in order to play her role of household management? Is the present system of education suitable to teach and train her in her role? Is such basic training available in the present educational system? What kind of new tools can train her in her role? How best can we encourage her in her role? Are we ready to change our thinking patterns abo8t woman? These are some of the issues to be addressed.

First of all she needs special kind of education at home. The home school system should train her to teach her household and to learn with them. She should be able to study the contemporary society and share her knowledge with her household. Much research has to be done in this area in the academic circles. A new methodology, syllabi and new subject matter have to come to light. The age old but new concepts of woman’s home rule and home school would hopefully take us to the heights needed and make us better humans, better citizens and the best learners of life itself. My last question is – are we ready to allow woman to play her role in her household management yet? India is the biggest and the best learning centre. As I observed before our country is the most exemplary union of nations, cultures, languages and religions and we can always learn form our neighbors the best lessons of life.

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Why does the world need women?

Sometimes it seems that the world does not need women except for sex and serfdom. In prehistoric times woman was idolized, deified and worshipped as the goddess of fertility, power and sex symbol and as the mother of all living. In course of time woman is brought to the present status i.e. serfdom. Daily news still reports atrocities against woman in spite of our boasting of scientific developments. What happened to man’s attitude towards woman in the due course of time? Today the woman is raped, persecuted and trodden down physically, mentally, spiritually, educationally, sociologically, anthropologically, psychologically, historically, mathematically, ethically, financially, politically and the like. There are acts, rules and statutes to stop the atrocities against woman. But in practice this inhuman and monstrous habit still continues. It is an open secret and everyone knows these facts. Are we going to permanently close our eyes to this inhuman habit or take steps to stop this ugly demonic habit?

Woman is the natural household manager. Forest cultures ignored this fact and pushed out the woman from her nature given role. Such savage cultures are now struggling hard for prosperity. But the garden cultures recognized the nature given role of the woman and now heading towards prosperity. It is a well scientific fact in today’s nations. Reformers, social scientists and government leaders are trying hard to empower woman. But the basic thing here in this issue is to recognize the nature given role of the woman and then give her back her nature given role. Unless and until this basic thing is accomplished with proper awareness, prosperity is impossible. This is the reason for the failure in case of the underdeveloped and the developing nations. These nations are beating around the bush and struggling hard with inadequate methods, statutes, laws and acts to empower the woman. This is like telling the people to go out during curfew. On one hand the man’s world had totally ignored the nature given role of the woman and on the other hand the man’s world is pretending as lovers of the woman. The UN has many schemes to empower woman. All those seminars ended up in lip service. First of all the man’s world must recognize the nature given role of the woman and return back her role.

About the Author

Author is the principal of women's college, totally committed to the education of women. member of many social service agencies, aids awareness programs, did many cultural activities in the college, gave radio programs encouraging woman education, encouraged the women of the slums to enroll in distance education in her college, she deserves the best teacher award. the Hebrew Open University, a local religious institute has honored her with honorary doctorate, she is the lecturer in economics and served as the head of the department of economics and now became the principal of the college.

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