Healing Pendulum

by admin on January 10, 2009

Healing Pendulum

Healing Pendulum

Dowsing - Do You Know It Can Be Dangerous For You?

There is that mad rush in today's society to learn everything about reiki, feng shui, alternative medicine, dowsing - but do you realize it can be downright dangerous for you?

You get movies like "The Secret" or "What the bleep do we know" that stir up discussions and fire up emotions and hopes. But did the authors and producers think about the consequences?

Law of attraction and manifestation techniques sound great in theory, but they can seriously undermine the very fabric of our existence on this plane.

Take dowsing - you learn the basic techniques, grab a pendulum and ask questions, you know how to find if the food in your local grocery store is organic as advertised - if you find out it's not - that can have serious effects on your trust in advertising!

You take it a step further and learn to heal yourself. Bummer! Your doctor won't see you twice a month anymore and he won't be able to go on that dream vacation in Aruba. Your selfish decision creates a chain of events that can force a resort owner in Malmok to take a second mortgage!

Your intuition heightens - you know who's on the phone before it rings. You get a dinner invitation from your in-laws and you know they will be serving that awful cilantro salad you just hate! The fastest route to get into a dog house and sleep on the couch for the whole week!

So here you go! I bet you are not as eager as when you saw that smooth looking healer swinging his shiny pendulum at the local psychic fair or water dowser moving his rods trying to dowse the location for a well.

It's your decision; just remember the responsibility that comes with it! And once you start it - there is no going back!

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Pendulum as a tool

LivingDeadGirl, isn't YA "Like a Game of Cat and Mouse without Remorse"?

{LivingDeadGirls challenge one-liner for me LOL I hope I got you right in this hon *^_^* after all, a pendulum doesn't work right with lack of consentration}

Like a Game of Cat and Mouse without Remorse

Like a game of cat and mouse
LivingDeadGirl’s in da house
slowly breathing, slowly healing
in “recoup” from Y/A louse

Her soul’s a welcomed breath of air
but, at the same time, one to fear
She roams the living in search of pain
which in return adds to her strength

Do unto her or taste the wrath
once in her vice, you can’t look back
She’ll change your heart, your soul, you mind
Just smile and wave as you walk by

For if she finds her way to you
Yahoo vandals, gutless through
The fury deep within her heart
will over time, rip you apart

with no remorse...

Loves ya girl and thank you so much for the challenge, I will get on the others as well tomorrow kk?, All the Very Best, Shad @)~>~

HEY lol - very very very kewl.

loves it !!! awesome.

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