Pendulum Dowsing

by admin on March 1, 2010

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing

Dowsing: The Fool-Proof way to Access your Intuition

Are you looking for a better way to gain access to intuitive information? In dowsing, we use the aid of a pendulum to tap into our intuition. Depending on how you program it, your pendulum will give you answers by swinging in certain directions to tell you "yes," "no," or "undecided."

Dowsing is very clear to read. Unlike the tarot, which depends heavily on the interpretation of the reader, dowsing is a method that really doesn't offer much room for interpretation. Yes means yes and no means no. And learning to dowse takes no time at all! As such, dowsing is an ideal place to start developing a sense for intuitive information. A pendulum allows you to get crystal clear answers through an external source so that you can develop a trust in the validity of the information.

Unfortunately, the very advantage to dowsing - the fact that it is so clear to read - is also what makes it somewhat limiting. We have to ask questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no." However, with some experience, we can access a wealth of information within this limited medium. The true advantage of dowsing is that it allows you to get a clear sense of your own intuitive knowledge. As you continue dowsing, you will over time start to receive the answers before the pendulum even swings. Before long, you will develop a keen sense of how your inner guidance system works.

All answers from your pendulum really come from your superconscious - from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your Soul self. It is the ancient, infinitely wise part of you that was directly created from Source. Your Higher Self is not limited to this present incarnation. It has access to all your lifetimes, past, present and future. It spans dimensions, time and space. Your Higher Self is pure Spirit. This is where the information really comes from.

When you dowse, your Higher Self will connect to your subconscious. This is what actually creates the movement of the pendulum. Consciously, you will not be aware of creating any movement in the pendulum whatsoever. It really is a wonderful thing to watch your pendulum swinging of its own accord! You would swear that you are holding your hand absolutely still, but in truth, your subconscious is creating the subtle movements that create the swing of the pendulum.

Everyone is intuitive. The more you practice, the more your intuition will be available to you. The pendulum is merely the external starting point. As you use it more and more, your focus will shift towards your internal receptors for intuitive information. However, as a good place to start, nothing beats learning how to dowse!

About the Author

Andrea Hess is an intuitive consultant working with spiritual seekers who want practical, accurate information about their life path and purpose. You may visit her site at for a detailed mini-course on dowsing, or a free Sample Reading.

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I want to learn pendulum dowsing in mumbai. Does anyone know who conducts any classes...thanks

Not sure, but if you go to Google, click on the "Video" tab, and type in "Dowsing" they have some pretty good videos on the subject.

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