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Book Set

Book Set

Writing a Children's Book? 5 Questions to ask Yourself!

Are you writing a children's book? Have you been writing a little here and a little there but can't seen to see how your children's book will ever get completed? Sometimes we can have the misconception that it is easy to sit down and write a children's book. Children's books are quite short and not complicated right, so it mustn't be that hard? Well actually it's not as easy as you may think! Because children's books are shorter, there are certain restrictions you encounter which can make it difficult. Mainly because of the choice of words you use. The best way to get to the end result of a well written and thought out children's book is to plan how you will get there.

Once you have that idea, its time to start writing a children's book. Set yourself some goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

- When do I want to have my book completed? Set yourself a time-frame for writing a children's book. Try to keep this realistic. There is no point trying to complete your manuscript in a short period of time, causing it stressful for you and your family.

- Who am I writing for? Are you planning to write for babies and toddlers, early readers or advanced readers like teenagers? This has to be one of the most important questions to ask. The genre you are writing for will determine the style of writing to use and every genre has different criteria. It's always best to find out what publishers of your chosen genre are looking for.

- When will I write? Are you up at the crack of dawn or awake till the wee hours? You know yourself better than anyone. Plan to use the time that best suits you as effectively as possible. Maybe you'll write every day or every second day. But set aside the time where you are in the zone to write, even if you spend this time thinking about the next twist in the tale. Writing a children's book will take time.

- How long will I write for? Of course there isn't really a time-frame you can put on the time you'll spend writing. When your in the zone you probably shouldn't stop, unless the house is burning down then you might want to take a break, but there are the times when you get stuck. The most important thing is to allow yourself time to sit, think and write. Even half an hour is better than nothing. Don't forget you have to edit your work in the end anyway so just write, write and write some more.

- Do I need help? If you are having difficulties with certain parts of your story gaining the necessary help and support of those who have been there and done that will benefit you in the long run. Successful authors of children's books will generally be willing to show you the way to achieving your goals and to becoming a published author in your own right.

A children's book or any book for that matter can take awhile to put together. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Once you have your first draft, you'll be ready to edit. Then you'll end up with a professional manuscript to submit to publishers. Think about these guidelines as your writing a children's book and you will be setting yourself to succeed from the beginning. Remember how important it is to set goals so you stay on track and get your book completed when you want to.

About the Author

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