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by admin on July 25, 2004

Cards Deck

Cards Deck

How To Ace A Magic Card Trick

A fun magic card trick can be a great ice breaker. A simple sleight of hand is all it takes to leave everyone in awe. Whether you're using a standard or double-sided deck of cards, learning these illusions is so simple that anyone can do it. In this article, we'll induct you into the magic world of card tricks.

'Reds and Blacks' is a simple card trick for the novice magician. Get a standard deck of cards and separate the red and black cards. Lay them face down on a flat surface in front of your audience.

Have a volunteer choose one card from each pile at random, memorize them and then place each card into the opposite pile it from which it was selected. Have the person shuffle each deck separately and then place the two decks back together. Now you can look through the deck and find the card that doesn't match the color of the cards that surrounds it.

Another trick that will astound people is teleporting cards. You'll need a standard deck and a group of people sitting at a table with chairs. Show the group a normal card deck and ask a volunteer to replace the card on the top of the deck.

Ask the person to stand up, then deal the top card and a few more onto the table. The volunteer should then put his hands on top of these cards to "prevent them from moving".

Toss a few cards onto the chair of the person who is standing and tell the audience that the chosen card has been teleported right from the under the person's hands to their chair. When checked, the card is in fact on the person's chair!

Although this magic card trick is amazing to an audience, the illusion really isn't difficult. After the volunteer chooses a card, the magician or person performing the trick, takes the bottom half of the deck and flips it over so that it is face up, but still beneath the top half.

Once the card is placed on top of the deck, the performer flips the deck over so their card is now at the bottom. The performer then deals these random top cards to the table and asks the volunteer to place his hands on the cards.

The magician then covertly flips the deck over again so that the chosen card is on top of the deck and then deals these cards onto the chair. The trick is so impressive that guests are knocked off of their seats!

If you want to seem like you possess magical powers, forget about the bunny and top hat and just get yourself an ordinary deck of cards and learn a magic card trick. If you'd like a Svengali deck of cards to perform more advanced illusions, the Internet can conjure up the names of stores in your area that sell supplies to both amateur and professional magicians alike.

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why do they include jokers in playing cards deck?

i just bought a playing cards deck and they came with 4 jokers card?... why?


There are a few card games (such as Wanderer, Time, etc.) that use the Jokers as wild cards. There is also a game (the name has escaped me) where if you draw the Joker, you win -- and another version of that game where you lose.

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