Color Cards

by admin on August 31, 2004

Color Cards

Color Cards

Making a Positive First Impression with Your Business Card

When you hand your business card to someone, you are making a connection. Perhaps you have already discussed the sale and want to make sure the client can contact you later if he has any questions. Or maybe you are attempting to drum up extra business at an industry fair. Regardless what you are using your business card for, it is important to remember that it is saying a statement about you. Here are some strategies to consider that will help ensure your business card is giving you a great first impression.

The Paper Matters

Even if you can print your business card for less on your own, you should not opt for this route. The flimsy cardstock with perforated edges just screams cheap and will not give people a good first impression of your business. Instead, look for a printer that uses at least a 15 pt card stock for their business card printing.

Choose a Real Design

Another way to make sure that your business card is giving you a great first impression is to choose a stellar design. There should not be any cut and paste clipart here; you should commission something original. Consider hiring a freelance designer to create a few ideas for you, or look for a way to incorporate your company logo into the business card. You want people to compliment you on the finish product – if they do, then you know it’s doing your company justice.

Don’t Give a Sales Pitch

People will not read your business card if they have to hunt all over to find the essential information. Your business card should focus on giving people your name and contact information, and this information should stand out on the card. You can give them all the details about what you do or what you sell at the follow up meeting.

Try Color

Many of the business cards that you will see are printed on a white background. If you really want your business card to stand out, choose a background that is not white. Consider a colored card or even a photograph as your background. If someone has a stack of business cards to sort through, then the color alone can be enough to draw their attention. Just make sure that you choose a font and font color that are clearly legible over the colored background.

Use the Back

It may cost more to buy two-sided printing on your business card, but why waste all that extra space? The back of your business card can be used for a wide variety of information. Consider offering a coupon, placing a map to your location, incorporating list of services, or highlighting statistics about your business and why they should consider it. This will help your business card to be more memorable.

Making a memorable business card may cost a little more than the bland, flimsy cards that you normally see. However, you cannot put a price tag on a great first impression. If you really want your business card to stand out from everyone else’s, then follow the above tips to create a memorable card.

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