Intuitive Tarot

by admin on September 16, 2004

Intuitive Tarot

Intuitive Tarot

Meaning of Each Tarot Card: Secrets Revealed

In every life there comes a time to move on and to make decisions for change, so we have to ask ourselves where is it that we want to go. These life changes involve major decisions about career, relationships, and finances. Is this new job the one where I'll be able to build a career? Should I marry this person now or wait until I've gotten to know myself better? Is it a good time for me to purchase a new vehicle or will I live to regret it?

In this instance some people might go to psychics, astrologers, or tarot card readers for advice. Many people believe that these people have the power to read our futures and advise us on how we should be proceeding now. This article is an introduction to tarot cards. We will explain the meaning of each card and try to help you understand why a reading could be a valuable tool at this point in your life.

We all have heard of tarot cards, haven't we? But what are these tarot cards and what is the meaning of each card? A tarot deck is comprised of a set of cards beautified with universal images and old symbols which vividly represent the essence of ancient knowledge, teachings, archetypes, etc. The deck includes what are called the Major Arcana and four suits of cards. Each tarot card has a very special meaning that contributes to the overall message of a tarot reading.

Among the different tarot cards, the 'Fool' represents someone unenlightened; the 'Magician' represents someone extremely talented; the 'High Priestess' represents someone who possesses great wisdom and intuitive ability; the 'Empress' rules over the life cycle of birth, death, and rebirth; the 'Emperor' represents someone with great worldwide power; the 'Pope' represents the idea of following beliefs and traditions; the 'Lovers' represents love; the 'Chariot' represents struggle; the 'Strength' card represents just that, strength; the 'Hermit' represents someone soul-searching; the 'Sun' represents personal contentment; and the 'Moon' represents ideas of feminism and seduction.

The 'Pentacles' suit is associated with materialistic things like money and luxury, while the 'Wands' tarot suit is used for work-related predictions. The 'Swords' suit is used for predictions as well, but for mental changes and sufferings. If you're interested in hope, then you'll want to see the 'Star' suit appear. Lastly, the 'Cups' reflect how a person is emotionally, as well as any other emotional changes.

The card of 'Justice' is self explanatory and represents exactly what its name means. The card of 'Death' is more symbolic and signifies a death that is spiritual or mental. Martyrdom is representative of the 'Hanged Man'. The symbol for sudden change is the 'Tower'. 'Temperance' denotes balance and harmony. Self-examination is represented by 'Judgment'. Collectively these cards lead to the card 'World'.

We have finished examining the meaning of each tarot card. The next thing to do is learn how to read tarot cards. This is an ever-evolving quest of mastering the art and skill of tarot card reading. You should be studious, patient, and have a sharp intuition. The reading's depth and value is directly dependent on the level of skill of the read. The best thing to do is seach for a website that offers a free tarot card reading. This will introduce you to the practice of tarot card reading.

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Love and Light

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