Oracle Tarot

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Oracle Tarot

Oracle Tarot

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HUMANS can no more be pros of their destiny than any other animal, writes evolutionist John Grey . Writer Shmuley Boteach expresses quite the opposite view in his book An Smart Person's Guide to Judaism. He asserts : Man is not an animal, and is therefore always in control of his own destiny.

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King or commoner, traditional or modern-man has felt the necessity for trustworthy predictions regarding the future. As clever creatures, we humans study the past, are aware of the present, and are particularly curious about the future. A Chinese proverb aptly asserts : He who could foretell affairs three days in advance would be rich for thousands of years.

Others throughout history have felt helpless because they thought that supernatural forces controlled their destiny. The traditional Greeks, claims Boteach, were obsessive about the assumption all hope was futile since man could not overcome predetermined destiny. They felt the destiny of each person was decided by capricious goddesses. These goddesses, they thought, decided when a person would die as well as how much distress and pain he'd have to endure throughout his life.

Throughout the ages, millions have attempted to peer into the future by consulting what they understood as being divine. Take the traditional Greeks as an example. They'd scores of sacred oracles, such as those of Delphi, Delos, and Dodona, where they would go to inquire of their gods with respect to political or military developments as well as such private affairs as travel, wedding, and children. Not just kings and military leaders but whole tribes and city-states sought guidance from the spirit realm through these oracles.

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Is tarot for people who are not in touch with their inner selves?

They need to use cards to know what they're feeling?

Can you know the situation without relying on oracles?

Hello Spica

The opposite is true, tarot help you to have a deeper understanding of your self & your life. Tarot confirm what you feel, give added insight into what you already know & understand, they often show a different perspective. If you do not have a connection with your inner self then any new insight or perpective will not be recognised.


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