Rider Waite Tarot

by admin on October 17, 2009

Rider Waite Tarot

Rider Waite Tarot

Reading Tarot Cards Can Be a Worthy Experience for All

Tarot card reading can be a great experience for all, no matter what if he or she is not going to take tarot card reading as profession.

Props Required during Tarot Reading

Tarot cards software
Tarot cards
Card tables

How do you create the perfect atmosphere?

Before you start tarot card reading, keep the following points in mind.

Take 3 deep breaths. It will calm you down and free your mind from worry.

Ensure that the atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, silent and conducive to meditation.

Now you can relax your breathing.

The perfect setting will forge a connection or rhythm between the reader, the tarot and the seeker.

Purge your mind of rigidity, prejudice, small thoughts, negativity and turn it blank.


While performing a tarot reading, you first have to shuffle the tarot deck. This is typically done by a third party reader or by the subject. Then the shuffled deck is spread out on a surface in a particular pattern. This pattern of arranging the deck by spreading it out is known as SPREAD/SPREADS.

There are a variety of patterns or spreads in which the deck can be arranged. This is followed by interpreting the meaning of the card (again by a third party/fortune teller or by the reader himself). Interpretation/ reading may also include future, present or past events, the subject's unknown or known desires, aspirations and thoughts etc.

A number is assigned to each position in the spread, usually. Then you have to turn over the cards following that sequence. Before you can move on to the next card you have to interpret or contemplate each card. An interpretation is required for each position. The card in that place/position refers to a certain aspect of a question.

In most cases, the cards are dealt out at random. But at times, the fortune teller deliberately chooses the initial card so that it may represent the question that has been asked. This querent card is known as the Significator.

Easy to follow steps

First of all get hold of a deck of tarot cards from online stores or book shops. Beginners will benefit by starting off with the RIDER-WAITE tarot deck.

Keep your cards wrapped in a cloth or scarf or store them in a box in order to ensure a clean and safe setting.

You may choose to sleep with your precious wrapped cards placed under your pillow for 7 days or keeping them close to your heart in bed. This will familiarize you and set you in the perfect mood.

Fix your concentration on the question that has been asked, and after shuffling the cards, you should cut the deck.

Arrange the cards in a spread.

Interpret the meanings of cards and personalize them by adding your own descriptions and meanings by taking cues from your instinct.

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Is it true that Rider-Waite tarot deck is evil?

some people say we should choose the one that is more earth friendly. but how is rider-waite evil?

Nope. There are stupid decks, and ridiculous decks, and lousy decks, and cheap decks that fall apart after three uses, but I haven't see any evil decks. Unless you see earth-friendly as the cards not being made out of recycled paper and not printed with soy inks, well then it might be evil. Or if they gave you paper cuts, that would be evil. Rider-Waite is neutral ground.

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