Tarot Card Reading

by admin on November 28, 2009

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

Do Online Tarot Card Readings Work


Some people believe in “real world” tarot card readings but not internet or online readings. Others don’t believe in tarot card, horoscope, psychic or any other type of reading. This article will give real life events to examine if any of the “connecting to other realms” activities are real or unwise. 

The Bible defines God as the Lord of Worlds or the Lord of Realms (Hebrews 11:1). Thus, there are many realms of existence that are “parallel” (the Bible uses the term “against” to describe these realms) to our earthly existence. Those living in those worlds communicate, enter, and exit our world through thought, consciousness, portals, and other means. The Bible writes about such ones appearing and disappearing spontaneously. 

The Bible also talks about the Ephod, the Ark and other devices utilized to communicate with other realms. Tarot cards are one means by which such communication is conducted. Beings in other realms attempt to communicate to humans by various means. Tarot cards are one of the “clearer” ways that such communications are achieved. 

Astrology is essential to life on planet Earth. The Bible makes it clear that the Birth of Jesus was directly connected to Astrology. An “Eastern Star” pointed to Jesus as “The One”. God and Jesus’ Presence is always associated with the Moon, Sun and Stars (Matthew 24:15-44; Joel 2:1-35). Whether a person chooses to believe it or not, the fact is that Astrology actually “dictates” the goings on of our world. The gift of free will allows us to react by choice, but Astrology’s dictation of events will occur. Many persons are unaware that Tarot cards are in perfect harmony with Astrology. When a Tarot card reader knows how to connect the Astrological meanings to their tarot card interpretations, his or her readings will become more accurate. 

It’s a major mistake to give credit to psychics, tarot card readers and other “gifted” humans. It actually is the Life in the other realm who has given such revelations (Revelation 1:1-3). Thus, it really doesn’t matter if a Tarot card reading is done, online, over the phone, through email or “face to face”. As long as the reader and the quadrant (the inquiring person) are connected to the other realm(s), the reading will be accurate. The Great News is that we are in the Age of Michael Standing. People’s consciousness is resurrecting to the other side and the “stars of Heaven (Astrology)” are playing a major role (Daniel 12:1-5). 

I’ve been a Bible student for many decades. The “Spirit” eventually led me to Astrology (Horoscopes) and then to Tarot Cards. I “copied and pasted” my own Major Arcana cards into a file and began using them. On one occasion I asked what would happen at my job between certain hours on the coming Friday. For the hours of 3pm to 430pm, I was told that something significant would happen that would open the way for me to pursue my “calling”. At exactly 3pm, my manager informed me that business was slow and that my hours would be greatly reduced. This reduction finally ended in a lay off. The Tarot cards had emotionally and mentally prepared me for this event months in advance. 

On another occasion, I used my newly purchased Tarot card deck to do a “7 Day Tarot Card” forecast. I then matched this reading up with an online “7 Day Horoscope Forecast” and the readings were precisely the same. The Tarot card even showed me the important of the Astrological Sign connections! It was truly amazing. If I had not seen it myself, I would even say it was truly unbelievable! 

The Bible promised that when Michael stands up Astrology (the stars of Heaven) and information (the World Wide Web) would fill the Earth (Daniel 12:1-5). It’s definitely a wise and Godly move to utilize these sources (most sources are Free of charge) to connect with God, your family and friends who have “passed over” into other worlds (realms). 

This article can be freely reprinted and utilized as long as credit is given to its Author. 

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Gary Colin is Author of, "Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation (ISBN 1-4241-0152-2) http://garycolinastrologicalasscension.webs.com

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