Very Rare

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Very Rare

Very Rare

Why Yoo Should be Investing in Rare Coins as a Collector

Rare Coins are important among some investors. Although many coins have been an important part of ancient history, a lot of information about our ancestors their lifestyle has been collected by historians through coins of those times. As a hobby coin collecting has been around for last 2500 years. Since the time coins have been invented ,it has become a passion for many to collect and preserve coins.

People from all walks of life be it Kings Aristocrats or peasants or a man of today ,many are known to have grave interests for these disk shaped shiny metal.

Coin collectors are forever on the look out for ancient rarest and most magnificent coins of the world. The older the coin the rarer it will be ,and will fetch higher market value.

Rare coins have a certain kind of aura in them, they have the power to attract historians towards them and their era. A historian by just looking at a coin, can find information like geography artistry philosophy and the culture to which the coin belonged.

In ancient times Powerful kings and aristocrats would get their faces printed on the coins invented in their regime. Thanks to these kind of coins some prominent figures of history are still remembered .

Every coin is significant in its own way ,the date the mint mark as well the abnormalities play a vital role in pricing the coin. Some coins have the strangest abnormality and have known to be the rarest and the most valuable as such coins are too few to come across.

The American Numismatic Association, the World Money Museum are know to house some of the largest collection of the Worlds rarest of coins.

Some of the rare America gold coins are the $20 Saint -Gaudens considered the rarest and the most beautiful coin in America ,$10 , $ 5,$2.50 and $1 printed with the face of the red Indian these only two coins have been designed making it a very rare piece.

$20 ,$10 ,$5 ,$2.50 ,$1 embarked with the face of liberty .

Some of the Worlds rare gold coins are the Swiss 20 franc French 20 franc Angel French 20 franc Rooster British Sovereign French 20 Franc Napoleon III Italian 20 Lira Danish 20 Kroner.

Some of the modern rare gold coins are the Prof of Gold American Eagle ,Proof Gold Australian Nugget Proof Gold Chinese Panda and The 25th Anniversary Canadian Gold Male Leaf coin.

Some of the rare Silver coins are the Morgan Silver Dollar Peace Silver Dollar and the Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar.Rare Platinum Coin is the Proof Platinum Noble set.

The value of the coin mainly depends on the demand of the coin, but many factors influence the value such as rarity of the coin history of the coin, a rare coin is always in demand ,but sometimes a coin can be rare or unique still may not have a high demand ,in such cases even a rare coin cannot extract high market value.

Coin collectors have to be very careful with rare coins as one must have enough research before investing in them.

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Why summer thunderstorms never hit southern California but very rare?

Why summer thunderstorms never hit southern California but rare? I sometimes see thunderstorms develop over the mountains and desert but not over the coast of southern California during monsoon. I think is Marine Layer prevent thunderstorms develop over the coast? Pacific ocean is too cool water that cannot allow thunderstorms develop right? Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico both are very warm water that can allow thunderstorms develop. Florida has lot of thunderstorms during summertime because between Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. I want to know some answer and learn about more.

Warning...long answer. There are three main types of systems that can bring bring active weather to southern California (SoCal) during the summer and early fall period...a weak troughs/closed upper lows, the remains of an old tropical systems, and a late summer/fall monsoonal type event. Read on for the bloody details.

1. A system may come from the westerlies, mainly during the early summer period. However, this is very rare because by this time of year the northern branch of the jet is usually weak and well north of SoCal. Sometimes this weak jet does split over the Eastern Pacific resulting in a weak trough or closed low developing of the coast of SoCal. If this system makes it inland, it usually results in a strong marine intrusion push inland in the low to mid levels. This will result in a stable airmass over the low elevations, but may fire off a few thunderstorms in the mountains.

2. Another type are the remains of an old tropical system that is now caught up in the southern stream (subtropical jet) and is now approaching from the southwest. Or one that is caught up in the flow around the four-corners high and is approaching from the southeast. These systems can be very unstable and can be very deep in moisture. If one holds together, frequent lightning, heavy rain, and flash flooding are usually a big threat in SoCal day and/or night. But you must get a direct hit when the are still strong and compact. Otherwise, with time, it will weaken or split and will likely lose its low to mid level moisture as it continues its transition to a cold core system. So these rare systems must hit SoCal directly before it weakens rapidly.

3. The relatively more common threat for thunderstorms are from the monsoonal moisture flow coming around the four corners upper high. Because the moisture usually moves over northern Mexico before reaching before reaching SoCal, the moutains in Mexico...through the process of orographic lifting..would have already strip the low to mid level moisture. This will only leave only with high level moisture available in most cases. This will result in mainly isolated high level mountain showers or thunderstorms with day time heating. In rare cases, if there is mid level moisture also available due usually to the merging of the southeast and southwest flow, a few high based thunderstorms may form over the rest of Socal resulting in high based isolated thunderstorms. This will mean a higher chance of virga or dry lightning over the lower elevations in the late afternoon and evening. This is when you usually get the Red Flag Warnings for SoCal for a monsoonal event.

In the coastal regions of the gulf coast and for Florida, the marine air is very warm due tothe warm gulf waters and the warmer Atlantic Ocean. So an onshore flow will not stabilize the lower airmass. There are also no significant orographic lifting from tall mountains that can strip the low to mid level moisture away or having a down slope flow that will dry the lower airmass. With the warm water, strong deep instability and better organized and larger tropical system and waves are possible. And with warmer waters at night, nocturnal coastal thunderstorms are possible near the coast with very weak systems too.

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