Waite Tarot

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Waite Tarot

Waite Tarot

How to Read Tarot Cards

Many people, both novice and general people, take interest in reading tarot cards. In this article, we will shed some light on how to read tarot cards.

Items Needed in Tarot Reading

Tarot cards software, Pens, Card tables, Candles, Card tables, Tarot cards, Journal


You need to remember the following steps while performing a tarot card reading.

First of all, you have to shuffle the tarot deck.

This is typically done by a third party reader or by the subject.

Next you have to spread out the shuffled deck on a surface in a particular pattern.

This pattern of arranging the deck by spreading it out is what is commonly known as SPREAD or SPREADS.

There is a mind boggling variety of a pattern or spreads in which the deck can be arranged. Check out the internet for help on this.

This is followed by interpreting the meaning of the card by a third party or fortune teller.

How do you use Tarot Cards?

You have to store the following points in your mind before you can start off with your tarot card reading.
If you take 3 deep breaths at the very beginning of your tarot card reading session, and then exhale, it will calm you down and free your mind from worry. You will attain tranquility.

You have to ensure that the atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, silent and conducive to meditation.

After some time you can relax your breathing. Now breathe normally.

If you can create a perfect setting like this for your tarot reading session, it will forge a connection or rhythm between the reader, the tarot and the seeker.

It is essential that you purge your mind of rigidity, prejudice, small thoughts, and negativity and turn it absolutely blank.


First of all you need to get hold of a deck of tarot cards. Online stores or book shops are good places for shopping for these things. All professionals and experienced tarot card readers will tell you that beginners will benefit by starting off with the RIDER-WAITE tarot deck.

It is important to take care of your cards. Why don't you keep your cards wrapped in a cloth or scarf or store them in a box in order to ensure a clean and safe setting?

The simplest method and best way of familiarizing yourself and getting into the romantic mood of tarot card reading is by sleeping with your cards, kissing them close to your bosom or keeping your precious wrapped cards placed under your pillow for 7 days in bed.

Fix your concentration on the question that has been asked.

Now you should shuffle the cards, and then proceed to cut the deck.

You should interpret the symbolical significance of cards and customize/personalize them by adding your own descriptions and meanings by taking hints from your instinct. You have the full liberty to do it.

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Your best bet is to visit a book store.

Barns and Noble, Borders, large chains will probably have a couple decks for sale in their new age & spirituality section. I'd call a couple of these places around and see if they have any in stock. They can have you laying sets tonight!

(i picked myself up a Visconti deck, which is very pretty but sadly doesn't do much for beginners as the pictures are rather plain and don't aid in interpretation)

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