Year Month

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Year Month

Year Month

Fruit of the Month Clubs

There are several great reasons to join a fruit of the month club. Can you imagine a package of fruit arriving at your door every month?  Wonderful, beautiful fruit that arrives when it is in ripens in season. 

Benefit of Joining a Fruit of the Month Club

One of the best benefits in joining a fruit of the month club is that you get the freshest fruit at the time of harvest.  This means that you are not getting fruit that has been kept in storage for long periods then shipped to a store.  In a store how many people handle the fruit before you decide to buy it.  You get home with what you think is going to be a great tasting piece of fruit because it looks good.  One bite and you are soon disappointed because the flavor just isn’t there.  When you go shopping at your local supermarket you find that they have apples all year long.  Are apples ready to harvest all year?  Only the best fruit is selected for fruit of the month.  Every month you receive a different fruit to enjoy. This is the best way to have fruit that may not be grown or available for purchase at the market in your area.

Fruit of The Month Club as a Gift

You can’t go wrong here. A fruit of the month club membership makes a wonderful gift.  Think of the vegetarian on your list of people to purchase gifts for.  You don’t know about clothes or other items that they would want to receive. Fruit makes a great gift.  Many companies give fruit of the month club memberships to important people as a gift. It makes a great marketing tool because the recipients are reminded of your company year round. Fruit baskets have been given as gifts for years.

Choosing The Right Fruit of The Month Club

There are many different fruit of the month clubs.  Some offer exotic fruits only, while others may offer fruits that you are most familiar with.  There are clubs that offer tips and recipes for different types of fruit.  They may also have other gifts available such as a single basket of fruit that can be sent to whomever you wish. Don’t forget those items that most fruit of the month clubs have such as jams, jellies, dried fruit and other goodies. There are fruit of the month clubs at different prices and different membership lengths. Memberships do not have to be for a full year with some of the clubs that are available. There are clubs that offer three month, six month or twelve month program. 

No matter what the occasion is, whether the fruit of the month club is for you or someone else, it can be the perfect gift. How many have traveled to places that have different kinds of fruit that you can not get at home? You can find a fruit of the month club to bring a taste of your travel memories back. 


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