Coin Purse

by admin on August 4, 2007

Coin Purse

Coin Purse

Beautiful and Exquisite Beaded Purses

Purses are beautiful and wonderful things, the most decorative extension of who you are and what you are wearing. A purse somehow indicates what you are feeling and what you will be feeling. Beaded purses perhaps indicate that better than other purses. Beaded purses may be an oddity or they may be vintage. A beaded purse is generally a plain normal purse which has been made colorful and stylish by use of specially placed beads of various colors.

One of the popular beaded purses is a coin purse. These mini purses are useful for a bit of change and few dollars. These small purses are not meant to carry weight and you may carry a lipstick or two of you are hard pressed. These coin purses are cost effective. They are normally adorned with lions and tigers.

Another is the novelty beaded purse. These novelty purses are of various sizes. They have numerous styles, fashions and designs. A tiger purse will have shape of a tiger head and the complete head will be beaded. There are all sorts of animals you may use. Along with that there are some which are made just for fun. Some of these novelty purses have unusual designs like Flemings and sailboats.

Designers handbags are also decorated with beads. These beads can either be made of glass or crystals. Designer handbags take lot of care in placing these beads and they want to assure you that these beads will to come away. Almost all designers utilize beads.

The beaded bags provide a unique style to your outlook. The price range of beaded bags starts from quite low to priceless bags. Beaded purses and bags have been around for hundreds of years. There are any number of beaded bags in museums around the world. This shows haw much beaded bags are loved throughout the world.

If you are feeling adventurous, you may make one for yourself. You can easily do it if you try. There are designs available to help people make beaded bags which will make you feel proud once you have made it. There are also means to make your own designs. The most simple method is to make a cloth bag and then add beads at appropriate places. Nothing is too little or too big for your beaded bag.

Beaded bag are beautiful to look at and appear delicate, but if you take good care of them then they last for years. If beads of inferior quality have been used they may discolor in course of time. As with everything do a little research before purchasing. It is wiser to spend a little time now than a lot of money later. You can search on internet also if you have decided to buy. Make sure that you are not taken for a fool.

Beads can either be stringed to purses or stuck on them. Sometimes the handle of the purse is stylishly beaded and it gives it a different look. There are purses which are adorned with pearls. The material used for making these purses is leather or good quality fabric. Pearls which are naturally obtained give a look of elegance to the purse.

Bead purses are available in various price ranges. The quality of material used and the cost of beads are important factors in deciding price of purse.

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Is this Vuitton coin purse worth buying?

I know it's expensive.
Just asking, since you can't put your credit card in this thing.

$500 for a coin purse? i probably wouldn't spend that much on a coin purse even though it is rare, the limited edition cherry. but if you really want it, i'd say go for it. i do know for a fact that it is real because it is a my poupette seller so you wouldn't get ripped off by getting a fake. i do love the lv cherry though. =]

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