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Deluxe Samples

Deluxe Samples

Fat Burning Furnace Review - Fat Burning Exercises

If you have been trying lot of diets and weight loss programs but still haven’t been able to lose weight then this guide may be for you. The Fat Burning Furnace is targetted towards explaining you in details on how to keep off those extra pounds you tend to gain. Contrary to the popular belief, if you workout a lot but do the exercises the wrong way, you are not going to get any benefit. Similarly you need to also take care on your diets if you want to lose weight quickly and easily.

The Fat Burning Furnace guides you with the the details of losing weight not just quickly but also effectively. The Fat Burning Furnace is a solid 150 page guide taking you thorough the various tricks and tips on losing weight as well maintaining the lean body.

What does the “Fat Burning Furnace” guide contain?
Some of the topics covered by the Fat Burning Furnace guide are:

1. Different Body Types
2. losing weight for a lifetime
3. Strategies for effective strength training
4. Thorough information on reps, sets and exercises with details on total body workouts, selecting exercices, the best possible exercises, deciding between gyms or fitness center and even exercises for home.
5. Fat Burning Routines covering beginners weight loss routines, intermediate routines, advanced routines for lean body. The section also highlights the secrets to proper exercise.
6. Why diets don’t work?
7. Nutrient Rich foods and myths about body fat
8. Importance of mini meals, maintaining nutrient ratio, lean body secrets, sample meal plan and also few recipe ideas
9. Healthy treats, proper nutrition, meal replacements
10. importance of proper sleep for lean body
11. super stress buster

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Actually the guide contains lot of information on each topic along with some other topics. I have just chosen to highlight some of the topics.

The Fat Burning Furnace covers a lot of tips which are necessary in getting the lean body and shedding off those pounds. I was surprised to read about some of my habits which have contributed towards my tummy.

The guide explains in a very concise way the various workout routines and the schedule that should be followed for quick and easy weight loss. I was very impressed with the details covered by the author for beginners, intermediate and advanced workout routines. The routines mentioned covers every part of the body and exact number of sets to be followed for that routine.


How much does th Fat Burning Furnace cost?
The Fat Burning Furnace is available in three different versions. Depending on the package bought, you get lot of freebies. The cost of packages range from $39.97 for basic package to $69.97 for deluxe plus package. The fat burning furnace is available for both women and men.

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All the 3 packages contain:

Digital Fat Burning Furnace Guide
Digital Guide on Fat Burning Furnace tools
Fat Burning Furnace tactics
Audio for unstoppable fat loss
Recipes for healthy and lean body
Power shakes guide
mystery bonus
3 months email support to handle all your queries

If you choose the deluxe or deluxe+ package, you are entitled for blowtorch training guide, training videos, 12 months of email support and additional guide on eating right.

Overall Review for Fat Burning Furnace

Lot of information for effective weight loss and lean body
Detailed guides covering various topics
Huge bonuses
Excellent support


The main guide contains too much information.
No pictures in the guide for the routines.
Too many guides given as bonus tend to confuse the reader

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BE deluxe sample? what is it?

what is the deluxe sample i am receiving one free, Do i pick the color?
Oh and what is the difference between BE allover face color and their foundation? is there a different feel or is it similar?

I'm assuming you mean the deluxe sample from Sephora. Recently, Sephora has been giving away two types of BE samples that I know of. They were doing a promo where they were giving away a 10 day supply of the foundation with a free miniature brush. In that promo, you are allowed to pick the color that matches your skin tone, as long as they have that color of sample left in stock.

The other BE sample that Sephora was giving away last week was a free BE Buxom Lips lip gloss. That one didn't offer a choice of color...they just had it in the color "Dolly."

The foundation from BE matches your skin tone. You apply it over the whole face to even out the skin tone and cover imperfections. The all over face color is to add a bit of color, warmth, or highlight on top of the foundation.

--->Good Luck!

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