Hoodoo Book

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Hoodoo Book

Hoodoo Book

Lose Weight and Live Healthy for Life – The Easy Way

If you search just a little you will be amazed at all the products and diet books you will find that will help you to lose weight. There are pills and drinks, detox diets, age old secrets, Hoodoo and Voodoo and every other trick, tip and surefire guaranteed way that works or doesn't work.

Here’s the real deal.


I personally believe, as do many members of the health, nutrition and fitness fields, that this is the only way that you will achieve any type of success in your quest to lose weight. If done right you will find this to be a very easy way to lose weight and be healthy for life. Please consult your health professional before starting a new diet or exercise program.

Here’s a little tip that I read that seemed to make sense and has worked for me. Start your day by revving up your metabolism. I do this most days. You begin by drinking 16 ounces of cold water to start your day. Now that probably sounds crazy to you like it did to me but here’s the theory behind it. First, you have just awakened from seven or more hours of sleep and probably hadn’t had any liquids for at least a couple of hours before you even went to sleep; remember, it is recommended you consume 8-10 8 ounce glasses of water per day and you haven’t had a drink in at least 8 hours. You need to begin hydrating your body for the day and this is a good start

Secondly, the cold water makes your stomach cold which in turn tells your brain it is cold and the brain will take action and begin warming it up, this action will start your metabolism and as your body works to warm itself up it will begin burning calories. I personally liked a little caffeine (coffee) in the morning, but you’ll see for yourself, like I did that the cold water provides a better jumpstart than the coffee did.

There are, I believe, only two reasons why you become overweight and can’t seem to lose weight, diet and exercise. (Some people have illnesses or other medical conditions that keep them from losing weight. Consult your physician, especially before beginning any new diet or exercise campaign.)

1. If at your job or in going about your daily tasks you feel that you burn adequate calories and do not need to start an exercise program then you probably are consuming to many calories, by eating the wrong foods or to much food!

2. If throughout your day you are eating healthy foods and not consuming too many calories then it is highly likely that you need to burn more calories.

Now it’s time for you to be honest with yourself and admit to yourself which group you are in. Some people are both. I personally eat healthy but I have a tendency to eat junk food every now and then, I overeat sometimes and I am real close to couch potato status.

See how easy it is to be honest. You know what’s wrong with you just like I know what’s wrong with me, the tough part is to finally admit it and do something positive about it. It’s easy to procrastinate and not do anything, but you already know what that will get you.

Now that you have read this far, it's likely that you have identified your problem, and have a desire to do something about it. It will only be as hard as you make it. You can start by making gradual changes to your diet and fitness routine. You will be amazed that with just a little discipline on your part you will begin to see results in just the first few weeks or even days and that will motivate you to even greater accomplishments.

Now it's time to get to the heart of the matter; diet and exercise. Too many people have a tendency to over complicate this. They never identify what is causing them to be overweight and take on too much too soon and stop before they ever really get started. Here's the secret; determine what you need to fix and start slow so that your efforts will last.

With your diet you need to make yourself aware of what you are eating, how much you are eating and how often you are eating. Some find this to be an easy step but most fail right here. You should keep a daily list or start a food journal or diary of what and how often you eat. So far we haven't changed any of the foods we eat or adapted to any one diet plan yet. We are simply becoming aware of our eating habits. If all is good here then we can move on to exercise. If not we need to make changes in the problem areas we identify.

If you need to adapt to a new diet than find one that will include the things that you like to eat as you will be more likely to stay on course. If you identified foods or habits that are bad for you than you will need to make some changes there as well. You can't succeed at this without taking control; no one can do it for you. Just take it slow and try not to overwhelm yourself.

Much of what we outlined for our diet program holds true for our exercise program. Keep a record or journal of the physical activities that you do that burn calories during your day. Housework and everyday chores count but are often not enough to counteract the calories consumed. If you find that you are burning enough calories and have made the proper changes to your diet, than it's time to say Hello to the new you. Or… maybe we need to increase our physical activities during our day.

You don't need to be hard on yourself here, but you do need to be somewhat firm with yourself. Start slow and begin to look for easy ways to increase your activities; Walking is probably the best place to start for most people. Park further away at the grocery store or work, but be safe in doing that, take the stairs when possible or a morning or evening walk. Most people as they work their way into an exercise routine take on to much responsibility and activity too soon and become their own worst enemy. They never even give themselves a fighting chance.

Maybe you think I have oversimplified things in this article but I don't believe so. It really is easy to succeed if you: Start slow and know: What you eat, when you eat and how much you eat and


About the Author

The author enjoys writing and researching topics that are related to a healthy and natural lifestyle. Current areas of interest include diet and nutrition, natural and alternative healing, gardening and living green. Additional information about diet and exercise
as well as other areas of interest can be found at http://www.naturalunow.com/. The Author enjoys sharing resources and information that he has found helpful in his own life and in doing so he has created a relationship with certain experts and in recommending their products may receive compensation for doing so.

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Witch School online, SacredMists or Witchschool.com ?, Pagans & personal exper,only please !?

Merry Meet - I am looking into enrolling into either The College of the Sacred Mists, A Wiccan School Online OR
Both are very reasonable in their pricing and very in depth in their teaching and curriculum.
I am a solitary practicing witch and have been for 6 years, but I live in a very rural area, where there are NO covens, elders, etc, that I can speak with, learn from, etc...
I have well over 200 books in my library on everything from Wicca, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Buddhism, Spellcraft, Aromatherapy, but feel as if a structured curriculum with things in order might help me in certain ways.
I do know that Sacred Mists leans more towards Celtic and WitchSchool is Corellian (not absolutely sure where the Corellian tradition follows????)

Any Help and Suggestions regarding these schools would be greatly appreciated....
Raven Dragynfae

I don't have any experience with any on-line schools or any groups at all for that matter. I too am a solitary. Are you unsure of your practicing? I have no "formal" schooling, I am completely self taught. I don't think you can go wrong by actually developing your own path rather than depend on what others may say you should learn. I have been practicing for over 40 years and am quite comfortable with where I am in this life. But I believe much of my knowledge has been carried over from a previous life and from what I learned from my mother. I am a disorganized witch and probably always will be. And I am continually learning. My book of shadows is getting quite thick. Perhaps if you are adept at divination (Tarot or Runes) you might ask them for advice. That is what I do when trying to make decisions that I am pretty sure no one around me could help with.

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