Oil Warmers

by admin on February 13, 2007

Oil Warmers

Oil Warmers

General Information Related To Oil Painting Videos

Do you have a hobby? What about choosing oil painting as a hobby? If your knowledge about oil painting is very much limited, simply check out the online oil painting videos, which provide good instructional materials.

The worldwide web has opened up a new world for learning, shopping and many other activities. If you spend some time to surf the internet, you would most probably come across many sites offering free online oil painting videos. Some of the posters are experts in oil painting. You can learn much from the informational and instructional online videos for beginners.

In simple terms, oil painting refers to the form of painting that uses drying oils like poppy oil and pigments like sulphur. This form of painting is versatile. You can create two-dimensional or three-dimensional paintings of landscapes, fruits, birds, portraits or whatever. Contrary to what some people may think, it is indeed possible to learn and master the art of oil painting.

As the English saying goes, practice makes perfect. Likewise, it is important to play with colors and forms until you gain confidence in oil painting. Once you learn the art of painting and gain confidence, it will be much easier to let your creativity to flow. Who knows, you may find out that you have hidden artistic talents after all.

For some basics about learning how to paint, it is important to brush up your drawing skills. Even some basic drawing skills should suffice for oil painting. Learning about color theory is important for oil painting. By using certain colors, you can create two-dimensional or three-dimensional paintings.

For projecting the illusion of depth and distance, you need to use the right colors. Some of the basic concepts of colors are value, hue, temperature and saturation. Value refers to the lightness or darkness of the color. The strength or purity of colors is called saturation.

The true color based on the color spectrum is called hue. Temperature of color refers to warm or cool colors. For example, blue is considered to be a cool color while red is thought to be a warm color. Cooler colors may give the impression of distance while warmer ones reflect proximity.

Hence, learning how to mix the colors in appropriate proportions is indeed important when it comes to oil painting. By playing with colors, you might be able to improve your skills pertaining to color application to project the intended impression. Other than learning drawing and color theory, aspects like perspective, painting materials and techniques should be taken into account as well. In terms of painting materials, there are various sizes of brushes, which give different painting effects.

The right type of drying oil counts as well. If you use linseed oil for light colors like blue or white, it can give a yellowish tinge to the colors. In such a case, poppy oil might be better though it takes longer to dry compared to linseed oil. For techniques of oil painting, there are two main ones called fat over lean and wet-on-wet painting.

To put it briefly, you can learn how to paint using oils using oil painting videos as long as you have keen interest and the strong desire to learn and succeed.

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