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by admin on December 24, 2008

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24x36 Poster Printing: 9 Ideas for Souvenir Posters

When organizing an event, it’s your business to make the occasion unforgettable. And when you do, what better give away is there than a souvenir poster? With 24x36 poster printing, your party will surely be a sign post in the trip down memory lane.

Black tie dinner parties for charity events, product launching, seminars, etc all give away souvenir programs. It is those booklets that contain a million things they hope people will read and find informative. (Aside from the schedule of activities, people barely read them – unless they’re equally bored with the program.

Designing a Souvenir Poster

Poster prints on the other hand can incorporate the different aspects of the souvenir program plus a smart way to design.


You can use the front page of the poster to show the advertising poster you have for the event, or you can have a separate design. Either way, think of it as a potential pin up poster your client will keep at home.


The 24x36 poster is large enough to hold the content of a regular souvenir program. The back side of the sheet can be used to contain text and illustrations to make the content more exciting.

1. People read from left to right, top to bottom. This should help you create the flow of your souvenir poster.

2. You can design the poster by importance. You can start with the schedule of activities as this is the most important part of the program, or because it’s important you can place it near the bottom. This way your guest will have to scan the entire page before getting to the schedule of activities.

3. Or you can design it to follow the chronological order. You may start with the welcoming address, and follow it up with the brief description of the next speakers or presenters. In

4. For less a less formal format, you can rearrange it in anyway you feel your guest will better appreciate. Include word games, puzzles or activities that are the highlights of the event.

5. Use colors to draw attention to important segments. Yellow is attracts the most attention while red creates a sense of activity, flurry and energy.

6. Separate sections using lines or boxes. You can create segments in your poster by putting lines, or placing text in text boxes. Number the text boxes for easier navigation.

7. Use arrows or connecting lines to indicate continuity. This will organize your poster in an easier to follow format.

8. Make posters that your audiences would want to keep in a frame. Design posters that would relay or communicate the most important messages of the occasion. Do not forget to highlight taglines or subheadings.

9. Other ideas for less formal events include drawing footsteps, ant tracks, road signs, etc. Or try to use event specific images, like blue print for a group of architectures and engineers, film reels instead of textboxes for photographers and film students, etc. Be creative.

The 24x36 Poster printing is a fun and flexible material you can work with. There are so many ideas you can incorporate to your poster design. Surely your event will be an experience to remember.

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24x36 Poster Printing tips, guides and sizes can be found at Offset Posters - Large Format Posters

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you have a 1 page pdf file that has a picture.
say you divide 1 page into 4 parts
print each part in one page of 8x11.

Well, according to Adobe you should be able to do page scaling (but, it is always grayed out on everything I've tried) by selecting File, then Properties, then under Advanced you're supposed to be able to adjust the scaling.

Another thing to try would be the Foxit PDF reader:
to see if it might do what you want.

Another idea would be to convert the file to another type (Word, JPG, TIF, etc.) and manipulate it to a larger size that would spread over 4 pages. Below are some links.

Best of luck.

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