Pillow Wicca

by admin on October 14, 2006

Pillow Wicca

Pillow Wicca

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Wicca: can the cat that lives with me be a familiar?

I adopted a kitten about a month ago. we get along great, and she refuses to sleep anywhere but next to my head on my pillow.

anyway, my question is, can a roommate like her become or be a familiar? i adopted her and brought her here, so it's not like she came to me and chose me

Hi, let me explain something. I am a practitioner of 12 years and I have seen more and more young people who are introduced to Wicca believe that any animal which bonds with you is your familiar. This is not the case.

A cat, dog, turtle, horse...whatever...if it bonds with you and loves your altar, loves your Tarot cards...it's just an animal that simply has bonded with you and happens to love your magickal items - because animals are ALL naturally very sensitive to subtle energies. All animals are attracted to these things.

Now let me explain what a familiar really is. A familiar is not 'an animal' - it is a spirit (sometimes assuming animal FORM or even Demon form) which assists you in cursing, sympathetic magick and actual raising of and distribution of energies within your Circle.

If the animal is merely interested, but non-participatory, then it is just a cat, I'm afraid.

Another point is that you cannot know that a baby animal is a familiar. No one can. It will develop and reveal itself to you when it matures. Only time and it's behavior can truly tell.

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