Ritual Scents

by admin on May 6, 2007

Ritual Scents

Ritual Scents

Use Of Aromatic Chemical In Making Perfume And Scented Candles

There is lot history surrounding the making of perfume. It was first noticed in ancient Egypt, Middle East and Rome where perfume was made and used for the acts of romance and courtship, apart from using it for religious rituals. 

In early days, classic perfumes were made in Europe with natural aromatic chemical which is obtained from botanical and animal sources. Since the cost of production of these perfumes was very high, it reflected in the costs and only the rich people were able to afford these products.

Transformation of classic to modern perfume:

So many things have changed over the years that the word ‘perfume’ now symbolizes department store fragrances. Artisan creativity and technology has now transformed the art of producing the perfume beyond its origin of ancient days. The fragrances are no more reserved for the rich class alone. 

Beautifully scented perfumes are now available for everyone and the increased competition and availability has only made it affordable to all. 

The reason for this affordability is because most of the perfumes now a days are made of much cheaper aromatic compounds and substances which are manmade and also known as aroma chemicals.

Use of aroma chemical in perfume and candles:

These aroma chemicals have replaced some of the expensive animal derived raw materials and oils. This transformation has helped to make perfumes at a cheaper rates and thereby making it affordable to every section of the community. These chemicals are also useful to produce some beautiful odors that are not prevailing in nature. 

Some of the biggest perfume making companies still use few botanical oils but are combined with this aroma chemical for making modern types of perfumes. There are wide range of perfumes available to the public which are made by using these chemicals. 

These days chemical aroma is being used extensively in making scented candles. Making scented candles has become a hobby for people around the world, because of the enchanting fragrance it gives. There is wide range of scented candles available in the market and the demand it is ever-growing. 

Although there is huge demand for perfumes made of chemical aroma, it is not really free of side effects. People are increasingly worried about its negative effects of chemicals such as Benzyl Salicylate

What is Benzyl Salicylate?

It is known as an allergy which is an adverse reaction by the human body’s immune system when in contact with this chemical. It is very commonly found in the cheap perfumes or fragrances sold in the market these days. 

The human body’s immune system produces histamine and immunoglobulin E after contacting with this chemical. There are various symptoms you’ll find in your body after excessive contact with this chemical such as Nausea, breathing difficulty, headache, hoarse voice, loss of voice and many other related symptoms. 

However these symptoms vary from person to person i.e. from severe anaphylactic reaction to asthma and abdominal symptoms. 

Make sure you don’t come in excessive contact with the perfumes and scented candles too often, else you might have chances of finding these symptoms.

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Hindustan Polyamides and Fibres Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of aromatic polyamide and sunscreen polyamides chemicals in India.

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pt 1, The Role of Scent in Ancient Israels Rituals

Ritual of scent marking?

I know that cats rub their heads on objects, e.g. doors, to scent mark them and mark them as their territory. My cat tends to scent mark the same things at least once a day - is ths usual? If so, why do they feel the need to scent things so frequently?

Not only is it a way to mark territory, but cats find it comforting to be surrounded by their own scent. The scent fades after a while, which is why they continue to rub up against objects to top-up it up. It's a bit like when you return from holiday. Nice as it was to stay somewhere else, it feels good to be surrounded by your own things again.

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