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by admin on October 28, 2008

Set Wicca

Set Wicca

There Is A Difference Between Rattan And Wicca Furniture

When you think of rattan furniture the picture that comes to mind is the basic white design that was available years ago.

Rattan furniture starts off as a tree that grows upwards until it reaches a certain height before bending over itself towards the ground again.

Once the vines hit the ground they will start to wriggle their way across the ground and after a few years they can measure as long as 550 feet. When harvested the vines are cut into separate pieces of 12 to 18 feet.

Due to the fact rattan grows vertically it is considered one of the strongest woods available for the industry to manufacture sets of conservatory furniture.

The method used to achieve a selected design of rattan furniture is by steaming the rattan, followed by bending it in the shape that is required with the help of specialised shapers. The result is the required product ordered by a customer.

Whatever shape or form the rattan is bent into when wet, once dried it will remain in that shape forever.

Sometimes there is confusion about the terms used to define rattan furniture, Wicca furniture and cane furniture.

1. Rattan is solid and can be woven, and the process of weaving rattan is referred to as ‘Wicca’
2. Bamboo is hollow and lighter then rattan

To make rattan furniture more decorative some of the rattan vines can be woven or peeled to make slats. Using a selection of rattan slats allows them to be a decorative feature of furniture while hiding some of the rough seams that is inevitable with a natural product.

Cane furniture is strong and not built with the use of screws or nails as the cane would split and open, causing excess damage.

All of our natural furniture at 1st for Cane Furniture brings great delight to our customers and is made to last for many years.

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The Wiccan Altar

Witches who follow Wicca?

Do you call yourselves Witches or Wiccans? Personally I always call myself a Witch because I feel it's important to take back that title from the people who abuse it or don't understand it and set an example for what a Witch really is. I know a lot of people don't like to though and that is cool too, so how about you?
Problem, I know that. That's why I phrased my question the way I did. I was asking those of us who are both.

Merry Meet Asher,

Great question and one that should be looked at more often then not! I am a Wiccan who from time to time calls my path Witchcraft. As all Wiccans are Witches by definition as well as practice, it is a term we should embrace when we are in mixed pagan company. Though I do feel that many of us do prefer to use pagan over witch do to the shock the word brings in the general community today.

For those Wiccans who disagree with my term of all Wiccans being Witches. Ask yourself if you have ever created sacred space, invoked and/or evoked elements or spirits, use tools of divination, or even change energy in the form of a spell or prayer to bring about a favorable outcome in your life or someone else’s. Witch is not a bad term and is only one of many that we should embrace if we do indeed perform any act that could be construed as Witchcraft or Shamanism depending upon tradition or practice.

Blessed Be to all


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