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Shadows Page

Shadows Page

Shadow of the Scorpion by Neal Asher - A Novel of War

Neal Asher is an English science fiction writer. He is born in Essex, England and began writing Science Fiction and Fantasy at the age of sixteen. His novels are occupied by fast paced action and violent encounters.

Shadow of the Scorpion” is Neal’s sixth Ian Cormac title in Polity series in which the adventures of Ian Cormac, an agent of Earth Central Security (ECS), in his ongoing battles against a rigidly hierarchical, scorpion-shaped species called the Prador to secure the future of the Polity is plotted out neatly in an insane war story with full of giant explosions on alien worlds.

Most of the pages in this book reveals out the flashbacks of Cormac, where readers get a chance to read more about his early days, spending time with is father, mother and his brother. While his father and brother were off world fighting the Prador, he had a series of bitter experiences that involved a giant, scorpion-shaped war robot which seems to follow him and disturbs his life as it did for his family.

While dealing with the monstrous Prador in a crashed spaceship, things suddenly change further when a colleague is revealed as a Separatist traitor and captures a warhead to be used against the ECS, making the situation to get more complicated. As Cormac's heroic actions get him quickly promoted to an elite fighting unit called the Sparkind, his childhood memories lead him to question what exactly happened to his father, since he believes that his dad died during the war. As he gets deeper into the case, he finds out the hidden truths behind the death of his father.

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