Silver Plated

by admin on August 5, 2007

Silver Plated

Silver Plated

Silver Wedding Favors

Unless you have a big budget then I am not talking about solid silver wedding favors here, but simply silver colored. That said, silver plated favors may be within your price range.

Silver favors can make very stylish gifts and one’s which your guests are bound to appreciate more than any other (except edible favors that is!). So if silver is your color then here is my suggestions for some stylish silver wedding favors:

  1. Candle Holders: Ever popular candles make excellent gifts, particularly scented votive candles which are small enough to fit in most boxes or bags. So if you want to give candles include a stylish silver candle holder alongside it.
  2. Trinket boxes: There are many styles and designs available so you should be able to find one to fit with your wedding style or theme. Try to find silver plated versions which keep their shine for longer and have a more quality feel to them.
  3. Wedding Bells: Wedding bells are a common sight at traditional weddings and favor stores often stock a choice of sizes and style to choose from. Tradition has it that when the happy couple enters the room, the guests are to ring the bells and the couple has to kiss. If the idea of hundreds of ringing bells doesn’t appeal to you then be sure to buy silent versions!
  4. Photograph Frames: One of the most common silver favors you will come across.  There are many sizes and designs to choose from, although most will buy the frames that accommodate place cards and double them as favors as well.
  5. Bottle openers: More silver colored than silver plated so try to find ones with a romantic design such as hearts or keys with a heart shaped top.
  6. Bookmarks: Stylish and practical, there are many different designs of bookmark available from favor stores so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in coordinating them with your wedding.
  7. Bud Vases: These elegant vases were once a common sight on ladies dressing tables, into which would be place a single rose bud. Revive the tradition for your female guests with a silver bud vase and silk rose bud (or fresh if you can afford them).
  8. Silver edibles: Ok so this may be cheating a bit! But silver colored candies can make a handy substitute if you cannot find a suitable favor made from the real thing. Try silver colored chocolate dragees or almonds in a silver box.
  9. Silver Rings: Finally if all else fails you could tie two silver colored rings to your favor packaging with ribbon. You will find these available from craft stores in large packets, so they are an inexpensive solution!

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