Wooden Wicca

by admin on February 4, 2010

Wooden Wicca

Wooden Wicca

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Wicca Craft 48 - Mead

To any wiccans out there?

I need to ask you all how to do everything in wicca living a "stone age" life in the woods(living in a tee pee, yurt, wooden shack, etc, building fires, growing/hunting food, etc.). Yes I do want to live like that one day. And there is absolutely no money involved with it. As I said, its a primitive life.
I do understand the challenges of primitive living but I am up for it because I despise the realm of society.

I'm asking this because my girlfriend is a wiccan and she wants to do the same thing that I'm gonna do.
Btw I also want to be wiccan (someday), so if you have any links to sites that teach it then put them up.

1. primative living has nothing to do with wicca

2. you need money to buy the land, yurt, farming equipment ect. It isn't as simple as that. Further, farming is hard enough with modern technology, i think you will find your life will be more complicated and less comfortable.

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